Now You’ve Got Seedlings | What’s Going on in Dave’s Grow?

We did it! Our seeds popped through the soil and are now little seedlings! What’s next? In today’s video we are going to take our seedlings and transplant them into 2 quart pots.

The State of the Grow

Not every seed popped during germination. Strawberry Cough and Forest Dream had to go another round. Fortunately, the second round of seeds broke through the surface of the soil in three days. While they are behind almost a week, I am going to spend extra time in veg to use some tricks to get them caught up with the other strains.


It’s time to switch the light cycle from 24 hours to veg time (18 on 6 off). This will start to simulate spring for our seedlings and promote growth. I recommend using a tried and true manual programmable timer. With this type of timer there are little plastic pegs you place on the timer to indicate when to kick the lights on (green)  and when to turn them off (red). It’s pretty simple and fool-proof. There are many different options when it comes to choosing a timer. I suggest using whatever works for you, but caution against the digital types that run on batteries. Batteries die at the worst times and the last thing you want is your timer going out in the middle of a grow.


I have been using only tap water for my seedlings prior to this transplant. Afterwords, I started using a very gentle nutrient line called Dyna-Grow. I used two products for my feedings; Foliage Pro and Protekt. For me, Dyna-Grow is a great solution for providing my young plants with everything they need in the beginning veg stage, and it’s very simple to use. I also don’t have to worry about nutrient burn (which I did have when I used the powerhouse Advanced Nutrients line). So Foliage Pro is my base nutrient with Protekt being a nutritional supplement. In veg I am keeping the ph levels in the 5.8 – 6.0 range.


At this early stage of growth, transplanting is a little tricky. Ideally I should have waited another week until there was a little more root growth. The seedlings definitely went through some transplant shock. You can see the leaves starting to curl in the end of the video. I am happy to say they were completely fine the next day after they adjusted to their new home. They went through a lot of vigorous growth the week after they were transplanted.

I went ahead and transplanted the other two strains (Strawberry Cough and Forest Dream) about four days after this initial transplant. One thing to mention about transplanting: don’t forget to water the soil in the new container prior to the move. Wet roots in to dry soil only shocks the little plants further and we want to make the transition as smooth as possible. For now, I am watering on a daily basis.

So that is this week’s episode of What’s Going On in Dave’s Grow? If you have any questions for me, feel free to send them in at As always, don’t forget to check out my Instagram account to see the grow in progress @COWEEDGROWER. I would also like to thank Dutch Passion Seed Company for the seeds they sent that are featured in this grow as well as Black Dog LED. Be sure to check out their full line of lights here.


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  1. Janelle L Bearden

    Yes!!! Another grow series! It’s amazing how many strains you guys have access too! I can only imagine what yields you’ll get! Happy growing Kathryn and David!!