Starting a Cannabis Grow from Seeds | What’s Going on in Dave’s Grow?

Welcome back to What’s Going on in Dave’s Grow! We admittedly failed at remembering to document our last grow, but after another successful harvest we are once again starting from the beginning with a brand new cannabis grow in 2019! In this video, learn about obtaining cannabis seeds and getting them off to a successful start. Plus, details on the strains we’re growing and the two big changes we’re making in the grow room.

The State of the Grow

Our previous grow wrapped up around the holidays, and after giving the tents a good cleaning we’ve set up once again, this time implementing two major changes:

No More COCO, we are moving to Soil

I have started a mother-plant tent in my grow room with a 2′ x 2′ tent and a PhytoMAX-2 200 series grow light. The goal of having this is to save valuable genetics that we dearly love (like the Chewbacca strain). Coco is not necessarily a great medium for keeping plants long-term since the coco contains no nutrients. It is because of this that I went out and bought a giant cube of Sunshine #4 soil (with mycorrhizae).

My good friends over at Black Dog LED use this same mix in their grows and I have seen really impressive results. I decided to take the plunge and give it a try in my own grow this year.

The Perpetual Grow

We’ve had two tents for awhile but I have never used them for a perpetual grow setup. A “perpetual grow” is when you have one tent for the veg cycle, and one tent for the flower cycle, with plants in each tent at all times. To take things a step further, I added that mother plant tent to our grow room so I can take clones to start plants for the veg tent.

The idea is that once I move a plant from the veg tent to the flower tent, I replace the taken plant from the veg tent with a new clone or seedling. This way I am harvesting around every two months instead of three. I also set up a little nursery with a low-wattage LED hanging overhead to start seeds in (or clones) in preparation for their move to the veg tent.

Our Seeds

I received my seeds from the great people over at Dutch Passion Seeds. This company is one of the oldest seed banks out there for cannabis. They started their genetic banks in the 70’s and became a formal seed bank in 1987. They also invented the feminized seed that we rely on so heavily to this day. Dutch Passion was founded in Holland and are the producers of award-winning cannabis cup strains for the past several decades. You can learn more about Dutch Passion and their history here.

So, can you just go to their website and purchase seeds? The answer is yes. However there is a caveat to this. Since cannabis is not legal worldwide, you must abide by your country’s laws regarding owning and cultivating cannabis. This means if you are in a non-legal state, you legally are not allowed to purchase the seeds with the intent of growing cannabis at home. It is for this reason that Dutch Passion sells their seeds to those who are “collectors” of seeds who wish to obtain the seeds for the purpose of saving the strain for future generations with no intention of germinating them.

Strains we’re Growing

I selected strains that were mostly sativa strains, for my beloved wife. I also chose a couple of indica strains for myself. In this grow I am going to cultivate the following strains. Following images from Dutch Passion Seed Company website

Think Fast

Think Fast is a sativa dominant strain derived from Power Plant and Think Different. Think Different is supposed to contain around 20% THC.

Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough is a Sativa dominant hybrid (around 80% sativa 20% indica). This strain is supposed to help manage social anxiety and stress, plus it tastes like strawberries.

Forest Dream

Another Sativa strain with high levels of THC. This is NOT the strain for me but rather for The Stoner Mom as she loves a potent sativa that kicks her in to high gear for getting things done.

Night Queen

Night Queen is a powerful Indica strain. This strain produces a sticky sleep inducing flower that is very fragrant and heavy hitting.

Californian Orange

This is my 50/50 hybrid strain, it is also only available from Dutch Passion and is an old school favorite. Its name comes from the orange aromas that it emits. Very much looking forward to trying this one.


First off, I mean come on, do you see that it is purple? This is a cross between Purple #1 and Skunk. This is another potent Sativa and one I will enjoy watching come to harvest.

So that’s what’s Going on in Dave’s Grow. Check back as I will be updating you all on the goings on in this grow. For the next video I will show you how to transplant these little ladies into their next pot size. If you want to order some seeds, for seed collecting purposes, I highly recommend that you check out Dutch Passion Seed Company. They are the original seed bank and have a wealth of information about their strains on their website.



  1. Interesting mix! Strawberry cough is fabulous! Super easy to grow both indoors and out, super easy to clone, it’s an amazing all day strain! Can’t wait to see what you think of this one! That purple strain looks amazing. Definitely going to check out the seed company. How long does it take from the time you order to the time you receive it?

    • Crazy Old Man

      Well actually they were sent to us as a gift from ethos. However, I received them the same week after I spoke with them. I think they have fast shipping. You have to go to their site and then there is a separate site that processes payment and sends the seeds. They should be pretty quick though.