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Hi Stoners! I’m so excited to share today’s review on the DaVinci IQ! The IQ is a super discreet, high-performing portable vaporizer for dry leaf. Its standout feature is its impressive 51-light LED display. Also noteworthy is its excellent flavor and sophisticated programming. Read on for details!

My friends at 420 Science were kind enough to send me my DaVinci IQ. They sent it in this cool promo packaging packed in a big wooden box:

DaVinci IQ Promo Box

DaVinci IQ Promo Box Contents
A shirt, a medicine jar, a cloth storage case, and the DaVinci IQ! Thanks for the extras guys!


DaVinci IQ

Ok, so here’s how it will actually come, minus the smashed in part on the top where I was a little too eager with it.

DaVinci IQ


DaVinci IQ comes with

1x DaVinci IQ

1x DaVinci Tool

1x USB Cable

1x Keychain w/Tool

1x Cleaning Brush

1x Extended Mouthpiece

9x Cleaning Swabs

1x 10 mm Water Tool Adapter

1x Carry Can

1x Owner’s Manual

DaVinci IQ Accessories

DaVinci IQ Accessories

DaVinci IQ specs

Designed for dry leaf and aromatic blends

Available in stealth, blue, copper or gunmetal

All ceramic air path

Pocket sized

Removable, rechargeable battery

10-minute auto shut-off

51 LED grid display

anodized aluminum casing

easy-to-load ceramic heating chamber

4 preprogrammed Smart Paths

precise temperature control


What I Love about the DaVinci IQ


The DaVinci IQ gets a lot right. First on my list is the style and stealth. The LED lights, vibration, sleek surface, symmetrical form and unique mouthpiece all play a role in its pleasing aesthetic. This is a truly sophisticated vaporizer with nothing janky going on about it. The thought and care that went into the development of this device is obvious.

It’s a perfect size for discreet use and effortless storage. It fits in the palm of my hand and is the smallest in my personal vaporizer collection. That makes it an excellent choice for pants pockets and small clutches. It’s small size and stealth mode also makes it easy to be discreet around children.

Finally, the DaVinci IQ is engravable, which is like, the cutest thing ever. Methinks I need one that says The Stoner Mom. The color and engraving options make this a definite consideration for gifting to loved ones.


The DaVinci IQ works really, really well. I’ve experienced even heating and consistent results. I get thicker clouds when I use a higher temperature and It charges quickly. With a max temp of 410°F, it gets just hot enough for a productive and effective medication sesh.  The IQ reaches my desired temperature in about 30 seconds and it’s controls are easy to use once mastered.


With normal use the DaVinci IQ gets hot. I think a silicon-type finish might make the heat more manageble, but as it stands, it does get noticeably hot. I have found that the mouthpiece doesn’t get as warm as the rest of the device. All of the portable vaporizers I have used have gotten warm with regular-to-me use. The DaVinci seems on the higher end, and I think a softer finish would help.

Battery life is short, around 2 hours for me. The DaVinci IQ makes up for this with removable, rechargeable batteries. I recommend purchasing an extra battery if you anticipate using it for frequent, daily medication. I like to use it in tandem with my Mighty, so when one is charging the other is ready to go.

The learning curve is also slightly higher with this vaporizer. That doesn’t mean it’s too complicated, but I recommend reading the entire manual before beginning use (it’s not long, I promise). The DaVinci IQ has a lot of cool features that you will want to check out and it’s easy to miss them in your eagerness to get high.


Parts can be cleaned with cotton swabs soaked in isopropyl alcohol. As with all vaporizers, be sure to clean your IQ regularly for best results.

Read on for a walkthru and tutorial on using the DaVinci IQ.

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Vaping vs Smoking
Colorado’s Methods of Use FAQ

Using the DaVinci IQ: a walk-thru

DaVinci IQ chamber

Both ends of the DaVinci IQ open easily. On the bottom end, you will find the deep chamber and the pearl on the inside of the lid that acts as a spacer. The surface around the chamber is slick and makes it very easy to load. The pearl does a nice job of packing down the ground herb. Try to pack it tight, and prepare yourself for some big vape clouds.

Press the Control (circle) button five times quickly to turn the device. It will display the set temperature for a few seconds, and then it will begin to heat up. As it’s heating up, the LED display counts up each degree, looking quite impressive compared to standard indicators on other devices.

The DaVinci IQ will vibrate when it reaches the set temperature, indicating it’s ready to go. Press your lips firmly against the mouthpiece and draw in slowly. By the second and third hit it should be making a lot of vapor. If not, try bumping up the temperature.


Optimum Flavor

Mind High

Body High


Read the owner’s manual for instructions on using Boost mode and the Smart Paths.


The DaVinci IQ is a premium device with sophisticated technology and design. With great function, fast and even heating, and clean design makes this is a perfect device for the stoner who is ready to take the leap to a high-quality vaporizer.

I hope this post was helpful and informative! If you want to get a DaVinci IQ of your own, please use my preferred vendor,! They are great and they ship the DaVinci IQ fast and free. To buy, click the link below!

The Stoner Mom DaVinci IQ Link



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