Let’s Visit a Cannabis Dispensary!

Hi friends! Today I am so excited to show you a peek into the future of cannabis. It’s a stoner mom field trip, and we’re going into one of my favorite marijuana dispensaries here in Colorado. If you have ever wondered what it’s like to walk into a dispensary and legally buy marijuana, this episode is for you!

Dispensaries have come a long way since the earliest days of medical marijuana, and Ajoya is a perfect example of that evolution. With a sleek and modern aesthetic and a desire to truly know their customer, Ajoya has curated a safe space for cannabis newbies and aficionados alike. Don’t worry about being a minivan-driving mom, a senior citizen, or a clueless white dude. Buying cannabis in Colorado is a safe and enjoyable experience, with no judgment involved.

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  1. The O-pen 2.0 is the ish. You should review.