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Key Highlights:

  • Lifelong 20% veteran discount
  • Publicly posted third-party lab results
  • Focus on providing one exceptional product at an affordable price
  • Full spectrum CBD oil with cannabinoids
  • Free shipping in the US

Doer CBD Review

Doer CBD is a small, veteran-owned and operated company providing one outstanding CBD product; a cannabinoid-rich oil containing 1500 mg of CBD. Doer CBD is focused on providing a single premium product at an affordable price.

Our business model is inspired by Henry Ford’s vision for the Model T and is very simple, make a quality product at tiny margins so everyone can afford it.

We plan to truly democratize CBD oil while providing a superior product. We also intend on beating our own price as we grow, in the true spirit of the Model T.

Doer CBD’s founder is a veteran with direct experience with service connected disabilities and subsequent opiate use. With a cannabis journey that mirrors many veterans today, he was able to quit opiates with the help of cannabis and CBD. Inspired by his own experience searching for effective and affordable CBD, Doer CBD was born.

The VA put me on Oxycodone after I was out. I was on it about 5 years, taking 150 pills per month at my peak. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, started with pills. After about 3 years I started feeling slightly ill all the time. It took me another year to associate the problem to the pills, and another year after that to get fully off the pills. I quit taking opiates with the help of cannabis initially, but switched to CBD consumption in the past couple years… I started Doer CBD because CBD consumption is now an integral part of my life.
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CBD Products Available

  • 1500 mg CBD oil tincture

Origin of Hemp


Extraction Method

CO2 Supercritical Extraction

Online Lab Results?

Yes. The most recent third-party lab test results are available on the product page and here.

Products I’ve Tried

Doer CBD’s full spectrum oil contains cannabinoids like CBGa and CBC in addition to around 50 mg of CBD per ml. Unflavored and with no extra additives, Doer’s CBD is simple, pure, and potent.

50 mg per 1 ml is a really easy number to work with when switching your amounts up by say doubling or splitting a dose. I appreciate the convenience of knowing two full droppers of this oil equals an even 100 mg of CBD. A higher dosed tincture like this is great for daily CBD users who have developed a tolerance to the cannabinoid.

I have found Doer CBD’s oil to be really effective and pleasant to take. My daily routine is to hold a full dropper worth of oil under my tongue for as long as I can before swallowing, and feel the effects around twenty minutes later. I love Doer’s full spectrum oil because the combination of natural terpenes and other cannabinoids outside of just CBD really do work better at treating my different mental health issues. Doer’s oil does wonders for my intrusive thoughts and anxiety disorder, and being consistent with daily use has helped to keep my depressive episodes at bay. I use it in the late morning when I hit a post-coffee slump and it helps to get me refocused and back into a productive mindset. I also like taking CBD in the early evening when I begin winding down preparing everything for the next day.

Doer CBD’s oil is available in single bottles or in bundles of two or three at a discounted price.

Veteran Discount Program

Founded by a Service Connected Disabled Veteran, we at Doer CBD truly understand the challenges to receiving adequate care. As a service to fellow veterans, we extend a lifetime discount to those who served honorably.

Doer knows the benefits of CBD for those who have served in our armed forces and in active duty. To do their part at providing relief and aid to veterans, Doer CBD offers a lifelong 20% discount for those honorably discharged. Learn how to receive your unique lifelong discount code here.

In a market full of big brands, it’s important to find and support smaller CBD companies with consumer-focused practices like affordable pricing, responsible lab test reporting, and discount programs for qualifying parties. With their focus on providing a single superior product, a generous veterans discount, and transparent lab reporting, Doer CBD comes highly recommended by this Stoner Mom. Learn more about Doer and pick up their oil with free shipping at


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