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Greetings friends! In this post I’m talking about the advantages of doing your CBD shopping through a third-party marketplace like Dr Ganja. The CBD industry is incredibly saturated and there are plenty of companies out to make a quick buck while this “trend” lasts. Companies that are in it for the wrong reasons have little incentive to produce a premium product and can also lack in customer service. This market saturation paired with low-quality CBD brands can make finding a trustworthy source an overwhelming task.

That’s one reason why third-party CBD retailers can be so helpful. They can be choosy about the brands they stock, and consumers can compare CBD products from several different brands, all in one place. Dr. Ganja is an example of a CBD retailer that does it right. Carrying the best products from over thirty of the most trusted CBD brands, Dr. Ganja is a fantastic source for cannabidiol consumers at all levels of experience. Plus, they carry their own line of CBD-rich flower, making a true one-stop shop for all CBD needs.

Dr Ganja CBD Marketplace

Dr Ganja is a popular CBD retailer that began ten years ago as a medical marijuana evaluation office in West Hollywood. In the ten years since they’ve launched they have expanded into a full online CBD marketplace, carrying the industry’s best products and brands.

We’re one of the few doctor’s offices where patients are actually evaluated by a professional licensed and accredited medical doctor—a board-certified M.D. who’s passionate about specializing in medical marijuana. Today, our office regularly evaluates patients for all kinds of conditions. After seeing more than 25,000 patients since we opened in 2009, we have plenty of firsthand experience in observing how cannabis products have positively affected them.

Advantages of Shopping Through Dr Ganja

As part of my job I regularly read CBD forums and message boards to keep up with the public’s experience with different brands. I’ve watched plenty of companies go through growing pains as their popularity skyrockets, and that can sometimes translate to bad customer service, slow shipping, incorrect orders, and other consumer problems. Dealing with things like slow shipping and poor communication can be a real drag when you’re hurting and just want relief. When a company’s product is really good, but you have service concerns, it’s time to bypass the brand and look at a third-party source like Dr. Ganja. They stay in-stock with only the most reputable brands and fulfill all their own orders.

  • Huge product selection from over 30 of the best CBD companies
  • Comparing pricing and products is easy when it’s all on one site
  • Free domestic shipping on everything
  • International shipping available to AustraliaCanada, Guam, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Switzerland & the United Kingdom. Residents in other countries can contact Dr Ganja for a shipping quote.
  • Excellent customer service and communication
  • Comprehensive website with an informative blog and an active forum

Only the Brands You Can Trust

CBD companies must meet specific criteria for Dr. Ganja to carry them. They look at brand reputation, lab results, product use, pricing, and customer feedback before adding a brand to their selection.

Dr. Ganja operates from an angle of medical professionalism, and also applies the strength of their reputation to inform customers of quality products, up and coming companies, and the best options for CBD and cannabinoid-oriented products on the market including the biggest and best priced collection of premium CBD hemp flower buds.

Dr Ganja is an excellent source for brands like CBDistillery, Lazarus Naturals, CBDFX, Green Roads, CBD for Life and more. Order a tincture from Bluebird Botanicals and shampoo from CBD for Life, all in one place and with free shipping! With so many brands to browse through you can find CBD for every consumption method.

CBD Flower

They also have their own line of CBD rich hemp flower. Dr Ganja’s CBD flower is available in many different strains sourced from farms in California, Oregon, and Colorado. Their hemp flower is available both trimmed and untrimmed and they also offer shake and trim for sale. Shake, trim, and untrimmed flower are great for making your own CBD oil and butter. It can also be an effective low-cost alternative to premium hand-trimmed buds.

I tried their Lifter and Bubba Kush strains and am impressed with both. The buds are quite large and dense and smell great. I’m smoking Lifter as I write this and I love the way it relaxes me while allowing me to focus on the task at hand. I talk more about the benefits of consuming hemp here.

While the search for your dream CBD product can be daunting, the internet has a lot of resources to help. Dr Ganja’s CBD marketplace is a wonderful place to start your CBD journey. They have high standards for the brands they carry, and a patient-focused approach based on 10 years in the medical cannabis industry. Stoner Mom readers can take 5% off of their total purchase with code STONERMOM.


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