Why Husband is the Flyist

So the other day I had sequestered myself up in my bedroom and the husband rushes in excitedly. With dry ice. Something about this man, he just can’t sit still.  No matter how hard he has worked, how late his baby kept him awake, how long he was at the office… he always has to be doing something for me or the house.

Anyway, if you follow me on IG or MassRoots you’ve seen his amazing experiment making dry ice bubble hash. At his weekly visit to the grow store his buddies show him this video and the seed was planted in his brain. When he says “make hash” I insta
ntly think flammable and danger but he assures me that I am wrong and then explains he will be using my dining table. I was distracted and writing, but when I hear a loud repetitive thumping sound I come downstairs to see what he is doing to my dining table.

Covering it in THC apparently.

Dry Ice Bubble Hash Experiement
Do you see why my marriage is so happy?
Dry Ice Bubble Hash Experiement
Holy fu*king THC.


Dry Ice Bubble Hash Experiement
Piles of it!


Dry Ice Bubble Hash
With the piles of kiefy goodness he compresses them into tight pellets

And now I’ve got these pellets of epic stonage. One chunk of one of one of these gets me lit!


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