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Eir Health CBD Review

Eir Health offers premium full-spectrum CBD oils made from European hemp. With detailed third-party lab results showing a full cannabinoid profile, Eir Health’s tinctures are a great source of effective, full-spectrum CBD. They contain no additives and refine THC to less than .2%. And at an affordable price point, Eir Health is dedicated to making healing through CBD possible for everyone.

Read on for my full review of Eir Health, and don’t miss the video below for a closer look at their CBD tinctures.

Key Highlights

  • Detailed third-party lab results with full cannabinoid profile
  • Full-spectrum products with THC refined to less than .2%
  • Eir Health ships to 52 states and 33 countries around the world.
  • Auto-ship monthly subscription saves 20% and ships free. Easy to start and pause.

CBD Products Available

Origin of Hemp

Southeast Europe

We extract Eir CBD Oil from hemp plants that were hand-selected and organically grown by our farmer partners in Europe. Each plant is tended to carefully, without pesticides or chemicals, and hand-harvested with love.  –

Online Lab Results?

Yes. Eir Health’s 3rd party lab results are available on their product page. Their lab results are pleasantly more detailed than many CBD brands. You can see the full cannabinoid profile of the 3000 mg tincture here.

Extraction Method

CO2 Extraction

The best method for producing the cleanest and highest-quality CBD extracts is supercritical CO2 extraction, which obtains pure plant extracts without the use of hazardous chemicals and solvents such as ethanol. –

Eir Health Products I’ve Tried

Oil no. 30 | 3000 mg CBD Oil Tincture

Eir’s 3000 mg tincture is a potent and effective formula with no additional flavors or additives. Their tinctures are all 100% organic and vegan. With a thick consistency and the flavor and aroma of natural hemp, this tincture is meant to be taken sublingually. Place your desired amount under the tongue, hold for at least 30 seconds, and swallow.

With 100 mg per full dropper, the No. 30 Oil drops have been effective for treating symptoms of my depressive disorder and anxiety.

Best for experienced CBD users seeking a therapeutic dosage. A single serving of 3,000 mg CBD oil is equivalent to 100 mg of CBD. Best used for: anxiety, panic attacks, depression, chronic pain, epilepsy, insomnia, addiction recovery. –

Eir Health’s signature tincture is also available in 300, 600, and 1000 mg doses. They are effective for pain relief, inflammation and relief from anxiety and depression.

Eir Health’s simple line of CBD oil is great for those looking for a high-quality product at a reasonable cost. They even have a convenient monthly subscription plan that offers a 20% discount and free shipping, perfect for the daily CBD user.

Their third-party lab results are some of the most detailed I’ve seen, listing out all of the cannabinoids in their full spectrum oils so you know exactly what you’re consuming.

Learn more about Eir Health and their CBD products at


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