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Elon CBD Vaporizer Review

Hi friends! In today’s post and video, I am showing you the Elon CBD vaporizer by E1011 Labs. This all-in-one system pairs the Elon heating device with hemp filled Stems for a CBD delivery method unlike any I’ve ever used. I went from being skeptical about this product to loving it over the course of one session. Hit play on the video below to see it in action and watch just how fast, clean, and convenient the Elon is. And of course, read on for my full review of this innovative hemp vaping system!

Elon Hemp Vaporizer System | revolutionizing cannabinoid delivery

The Elon by E1011 Labs is a vaporizing system that is precise, clean, and optimal for full cannabinoid intake. Elon works with E1011’s hemp-filled Stems. It uses concentric heating to heat full-spectrum Stems to the ideal temperature. The result is full and thick vapor clouds and a completely clean and easy way to get your dose of cannabinoids.

The Elon heats up in an astonishing ten seconds or less and delivers thick vapor clouds immediately. In fact, I am truly impressed by the vapor production of this system. My Elon delivers bigger, thicker hemp clouds in a shorter time than some of my favorite dry herb vaporizers. The device is light, discreet, and features a sleek buttonless design.  Each session lasts three minutes and thirty seconds, and you can pause and unpause your session at any time by blowing into the motion-hole.

Blowing into the motion hole pauses and restarts your session.

Stem | premium CBD flower paired with the right terpenes

Stems are filled with premium, CBD-potent hemp flower. Forget processed oils and experience natural plant power.

Stems and Elon go hand in hand. Each Stem is crafted with 5 grams of a proprietary blend of CBD flower.  E1011 Lab’s CBD-rich hemp is full-spectrum and paired with just the right terpenes for overall wellness, mood lift, or rest. And of course, third-party lab results are available on the E1011 Labs website. Stringent dual lab testing ensures safe and consistent dosing and ingredients. Read more about their testing and view COA’s here.


Concerned about the cartridges’ impact on the planet? No need, Stem’s are biodegradable!
From the field to the facility, we take sustainability seriously. Our farmers are committed to sustainable, best-in-class growing practices, and every aspect of our facility has sustainability in mind. From recycled paper packaging to biodegradable cartridge shells, we sow back to Mother Nature in great gratitude for all the wellness grown from this incredible plant.
Stem’s currently come in two blends. Relax, for stress relief or sleep aid, or Uplift for a more energizing experience. The Uplift Stems are my favorite, providing a mood lift, focus, and the talkativeness that I look for in a daytime hemp blend.
Each Stem is crafted with a blend of sun-grown full-spectrum hemp flower and choice terpenes, optimized for your wellness. Our rigorous lab testing ensures that we deliver a safe, pure and potent product. We put the power of cannabinoids right at your fingertips.
I must admit when I first learned about this vaping system I was initially put off by the concept of the Stems. As a hemp grower myself, I found it hard to justify the separation between the consumer and the plant material. However, after just one session with the Elon system, I was hooked! I now see the convenience in the precise dosing and cleanliness of the Stems. No grinders, no using your fingertips to fill a vape’s tiny chamber. And, with up-to-date third-party lab results easily accessible on the E1011 website, consumers know exactly what they’re vaping.
Stems come in packs of twenty and retail for $15.99.
To start a session simply insert a Stem into the Elon. LED lights will flash for around ten seconds while the device heats to the perfect temperature for cannabinoid intake.
Speed and Vapor Production
By far my favorite thing about the Elon system is just how fast it is! Vaping hemp is as easy as inserting a fresh Stem. Once a Stem is inserted the device heats to the optimal temperature in less than ten seconds. And, those first pulls on the vape are impressive, with thick clouds being produced immediately upon heating. As a regular user of dry herb vaporizers without a cartridge system, I can tell you that the vapor production from the Elon is top-notch. I rarely get as much visible vapor from my fanciest of vaporizers as I do right away from the Elon system.

The Elon and Stem hemp vaping system easily won me over with its convenient pre-dosed stems, super-fast heat-up times, and user-friendly setup. Sleek and discreet, with CBD vapor ready at a moment’s notice, the Elon system does not disappoint. Definitely recommended by this hemp loving stoner mom! Learn more about E1011 Lab’s technology and hemp blends over at

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