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It’s time for a vape sesh! In this one I’m consuming a few different types of concentrates with the EVRI 3-in-1 vape pen and torchless dab straw. Excellently priced considering its multiple uses, this is a fantastic solution for those looking for a 510 battery, e-juice pod battery, and vapor tip attachment. That’s right, the EVRI is an instant dab straw for wax and shatter, and a battery for oil cartridges and pods, all in one device.

I have been using the EVRI every day since the stay-at-home order in Colorado began! It has a permanent spot in my master bathroom so I can have instant dabs anytime I need them. I’m a big proponent of using concentrates for daytime use. It’s a smokeless solution that is a lot more discreet than the sneaky bong rip or pull from a joint. The EVRI makes using concentrates simple and fast.

In this post, I’m giving you a close up look at the EVRI and its multiple functions. Read on to learn more, and check out the sesh video below to see this great little device in action.

EVRI | 3-IN-1 Vape Pen and Torchless Dab Straw

Meet the EVRI, a versatile vaporizer that allows quick switching between three consumption choices. Created by Denver-based Dip Devices, the EVRI is a battery system that connects magnetically to different attachments. These attachments include the vapor tip – a torchless dab straw that allows for instant solid concentrate consumption. The starter kit also includes a dual-use, 510/pod attachment which is compatible with any 510 oil cartridge, and it works with refillable e-juice pods!

The EVRI was designed to evolve as new trends in consumption emerge. New attachments can be made to connect to the existing EVRI battery, so you can customize your device to your taste.

Dip Device is an excellent Colorado brand with intelligently-designed, well-priced products, and caring customer service. And, 1% of all EVRI sales are donated to drug policy reform via and

What I Love About the EVRI

Multipurpose Use

I have a pretty large collection of 510 batteries, but this is the only one I have that also works with pods and as a honey straw. It has become a much-used part of my routine because of this versatility. The EVRI starter kit tackles all kinds of concentrate consumption methods. Dab your favorite shatter or wax, vape your 510 oil cartridge of THC or CBD, or flip the attachment and use with refillable e-juice pods. One battery, three uses!


The vapor tip attachment is essentially an electric honey straw/nectar collector.  Standalone electric dab straws can run upwards of $100 for that capability alone. The EVRI is an electric dab straw, plus more, with the addition of the pod/510 attachment. It’s a great value at $69.99.

Vapor Tip Attachment

Dab straws are also a great investment for getting the most out of your concentrates. You can dab directly out of your concentrate container, no dab tool necessary. There’s no need for a torch, just dip, heat, and inhale. The vapor tip heats up instantly for dabs any time you want them. There’s no reclaim or waste, and no loading process.

EVRI Starter Kit | comes with

  • EVRI battery
  • Vapor Tip Attachment
  • 510/Pod Attachment
  • 1 USB Cable Charger

EVRI | specs

  • Ceramic vapor tip atomizer with instant-heat nichrome coil center
  • 510/pod attachment compatible with standard 510 thread cartridges and e-juice pods
  • Three voltage settings: blue-2.6V, green-3.4V, red-3.8V
  • Automatic heat shut-off after fifteen seconds of continuous use
  • Three-minute auto shut off safety feature
  • 925mAh battery

Final Thoughts on the EVRI

The EVRI is a great choice for the concentrate consumer looking to save with a well-designed, multipurpose device. Able to vaporize a multitude of types of concentrates, and with the capability to evolve as consumption trends change, this Dip Device is money well spent. Learn more about this Denver brand and check out their other vaping solutions at


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