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Firefly 2 Vaporizer Review

Welcome friends! Today I’m showing you the Firefly 2, a portable convection vaporizer for both dry leaf and concentrates that has earned a reputation as the “iPhone of vaporizers”. Not sure if that’s an accurate comparison, but I do know that the Firefly 2 is a unique high-end vaporizer offering zero waste, impressive speed, and unbeatable flavor.

Read on for my full review and walk thru of the Firefly 2, and to watch it in action check out the video below. As always, leave any questions for me about this device in the comments below, and let’s get started!

Firefly 2 | Zero Waste and Unbeatable Flavor

The Firefly 2 is billed as being designed for people who love the plant. It heats only when its touch sensors are engaged, rather than staying at a temperature for several seconds. The result is zero waste and flavorful vapor that is rich, complex, and never harsh.

Firefly 2 specs

Chamber dimensions: 17mm x 17mm x 8mm
Chamber volume: 0.2g
3 second heat up
Borosilicate glass vapor path
45 minute charging time
Dimensions: 5.1” x 1.4” x 0.95”
Chassis Material: Magnesium Alloy
Battery: Removable/Rechargeable/replaceable 7.4V Li-Ion
Activation: Dual capacitive touch sensors
Mouthpiece: FDA-food safe Triton polymer (BPA-free)
Heating Element: Proprietary Titanium Super Alloy

Firefly 2 comes with

Firefly 2 Vaporizer

2x Rechargeable Batteries

Charging Dock

USB 3.0 Cable

Cleaning Kit

3x Concentrate Pads

2 Year Limited Warranty

The optional Firefly 2 app for iOS or Android offers more vapor customization. Use the slider to select from a much wider range of temperatures than before, from 200°F to 500°F.



What I Love about the Firefly 2

Incredible Speed and On-Demand Heat

The Firefly 2 reaches vaping temperature in three seconds and only when two touch sensors are engaged. That means you can set it down and know that your valuable herb won’t cook when you aren’t even using the device. This does a phenomenal job of conserving your cannabis, especially if you enjoy vaping flower at a higher temperature like I do.

Experience the Whole Plant with Multiple Temperatures per Every Draw

The Firefly 2 is the only vaporizer that heats dynamically across a wide range of temperatures with every inhalation. As you draw, the air temperature is increased up to your set maximum. This delivers every molecule directly into your breath the very moment it vaporizes. Firefly calls this the Whole Plant Experience, As per the Firefly website:

Plants and herbs have a unique combination of terpenes. Each of these ingredients activates at a different temperature, augmenting each other and your brain to create different flavors and effects. The challenge in vaporizing complex plants is the dispersion of activation temperatures; they range from 220°F to 400°F, with many temperatures above and between. Vaporizing at set temperatures causes the fragile ingredients and terpenes to denature. For the whole plant experience, you want avoid letting your vapor sit around and lose potent terpenoids. Firefly’s dynamic convection technology addresses this challenge. By vaporizing at a range of temperatures as you inhale, dynamic convection extracts every active ingredient and flavor from your flowers in a single breath, offering full spectrum vapor and the whole plant experience.

Build and Tech

I really like the design and overall look of this device. For one, the window allows you to watch your flower the entire time you vaporize, something that I find quite a treat. I love being able to see my cannabis change color over a few draws. With most of my vaporizers I only see the cannabis when I open it up, and often I’m surprised at how cooked it is when I do!

I also really love the magnetic lid. It’s just cool and creates a unique vapor path with flavor far superior to other devices. The touch sensors are easy to use and work really well and the overall design is made of high quality components.


The Firefly 2 comes with TWO batteries. No, not one rechargeable battery, but two! Better still, the battery fully recharges in 45 minutes, easily the fastest charging vaporizer at the moment. You can expect to get anywhere from 5-8 sessions with a single charge, with about 5-10 draws per session.

Drawbacks to Consider

Technique and Learning Curve

There is definitely a learning curve to using the Firefly 2. Vapor production is very much connected to your personal draw technique, and if you draw too hard or two fast you may be unsatisfied. I’ve read a lot about this vaporizer, and I kept coming across the same anecdote, being, once you get the hang of it, you love it.

When I first began to experiment with the Firefly I felt unsatisfied with the lack vapor I was seeing. Then I watched and read VapeCritic’s review and took note of his recommendation to “sip” at this device for at least 10 seconds or until the green light goes out. This simple change completely changed my mind about the Firefly. Immediately I was inhaling some of the highest quality and delicious vapor I have ever experienced.

Some Tips for Optimum Vapor

  1. Don’t over pack bowl. Your cannabis should be loose enough to move around a bit when when shook with the lid on. The ensures even heating. Fill the chamber up to the rim and then lightly pat down.
  2. Stick with a LONG and SLOW draw. The Firefly 2 requires me to take long, relaxed draws, typically at a slower rate than I am used to.
  3. Use flower with a coarser grind, or hand tear your cannabis. The Firefly 2 has tiny holes in the glass bowl, a very fine grind can clog those, resulting in low vapor.

Using the Firefly 2

  1. Use small amounts of loose leaf. Cannabis should be able to move around when the device is shaken.
  2. Remove the magnetic lid by lifting up on either side.
  3. Use hand-torn or coarsely ground material.
  4. Loosely fill the glass chamber slightly past the rim and tamp down gently.
  5. Ensure the interior surfaces are completely free of debris for a tight seal.
  6. Replace the lid and make sure it is sealed correctly
  7. Touch and glow. Place fingers on both touch sensors to start heating.The LED will blink green two times then turn solid green. Solid green means it’s ready. Watch for the glow!
  8. Continue to hold the touch sensors while you inhale for 10 seconds with a long, deep draw.
  9. Release touch sensors to stop heating.
  10. After a few draws, stir the contents of the heating chamber.
  11. For a denser vapor, inhale more deeply for a few more seconds. To further customize vapor, see the Tips and Tricks section later in this document.

Concluding Thoughts

Though it took some time to fully get the hang of, the Firefly 2 is probably my favorite portable vaporizer for using at home. With its cannabis conservation, phenomenal flavor, and sophisticated design, the Firefly 2 is thoughtfully engineered for the true cannabis connoisseur. To learn more and to purchase a Firefly 2 from my recommended retailer, visit


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  1. Tara Lambert

    I watched your review on Medterra CBD and decided to try it out, ordered two grams of isolate. I made a tincture with one and a vape juice with the other. Using the tincture didnt effect me that bad, i was really irritable like i was about to start my period or had taken an adderall. Girl.. i vape bluebird botanicals 1000mg vape juice all day, no problem, well the medterra i melted down was even weaker than my bluebird stuff… i had the worst panic attack since i accidentaly smoked spice in 2013, i did not sleep that night, i really feel as if i was up getting messed up all night. That was an ugly day at work to say the least. Ive just ordered a jar of Lazarus Naturals tincture, high potency 50mg a day and a jar of isolate (they call it cycling frog) to melt down and vape, have you tried this at all? LN
    Take care

    • Ooph that is unfortunate to hear! I’ve never had that experience, goes to show you how differently we are effected by things. I’ve never tried Lazarus Naturals but would like to! Honestly, I’ve never had a negative experience with any brand/form of CBD, but my husband has. Maybe my crazy tolerance has something to do with it. I take a 3000mg medterra tincture daily and literally feel nothing but normal!