Flower Power Grinder


A Unique Grinder for the Serious Stoner

You may have seen the Flower Power Grinder in my Head Shop Visit post. Mixed Up Creations was kind enough to gift me one and it has been an exciting addition to my arsenal.

The Flower Power Grinder is a serious business, electric grinder for herbs. It is incredibly fast and powerful, has great safety features, and grinds up to 21 grams of cannabis in less than 10 seconds.

Specs + Features

  • Fully powered high-velocity herb and flower grinder with 200 watts / 5,000 rpm motor
  • Excellent for those suffering from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or any other hand limiting ailments
  • Stainless steel grinding bowl with extra durable, long lasting grinding blade
  • Vacuum seal lid + pump
  • Includes silicone brush + cleaning and maintenance brush
  • Grinding bowl dust cover
  • Extension power cord

A Quick Demo of the Flower Power Grinder in Action

The Flower Power Grinder in Pictures

flower power grinder
This blade is NO JOKE ya’ll.

Flower Power Grinder
The motor will not engage until the lid is locked in place, a great safety feature for stoner parents.

I think this is a great grinder for a patient who medicates a lot and goes through a substantial amount of cannabis. It’s also a great option for anyone with difficulties using manual grinders. On the recreational side, the Flower Power is more suited to the serious enthusiast than the newbie. Check out the Flower Power here.


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