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It’s Friday! Let’s Sesh!

Happy Friday friends! It has been way too long since my last video! We are so overdue for a stoner session together, and I’m hoping tonight’s futuristic sesh does not disappoint. In this Friday Night Sesh, I’m using Hitoki’s laser combustion system, the Trident, as my method of choice for relaxing after a long week.

Yes, you read that right, tonight we’re using lasers instead of lighters! And I can’t keep technology like this to myself, so I’ve teamed up with Hitoki to give away one Trident to a lucky viewer!

If you go gaga for stoner gadgets, you don’t want to miss this one! Hit play on the video above to join me, and be sure to enter my giveaway at the end of this post for a chance to win a Trident of your own!

Friday Night Sesh Notes | gear and goodies mentioned in this video

Hitoki Trident | laser combustion system

I am so excited about tonight’s sponsor Hitoki, whose Trident device has been in heavy rotation here at the Stoner Mom house. Hitoki’s Trident looks like a fancy vaporizer but really is a combustion device, like a bong, that uses a built-in laser instead of the usual chemical-filled butane lighter. The result is clean, flavorful, and potent hits. The lack of any gas or lighter fluid helps to preserve the true flavors of your cannabis.

The Trident is easy and intuitive to use. If you know how to use a bong or bubbler, then you’ll get the hang of the Trident right away. The laser works just like any lighter would, igniting your cannabis with a perfect 9 seconds or less, and delivering big potent clouds. Simply draw on the mouthpiece while lighting, and use the carb button when you’re ready to clear the device. I recommend stirring the reloadable bowl after each hit to get the most out of your flower.

Hitoki’s Trident features water filtration, multiple power settings, safety interlocks, and a carb button. I’m really impressed with Trident’s battery power. It fully charges using the included USB-C cord, in 1 hour and 45 minutes, and boasts 280+ uses per charge. I fully charged mine at the beginning of the week and haven’t had to recharge it yet!

Ready to add laser combustion to your stoner routine? Check out Hitoki’s Trident in its three different colors at And don’t forget about my giveaway! We’ve partnered with Hitoki to give away one black Trident! Check out the bottom of this post for details on entering.

The Stoner Mom & Hitoki Trident Giveaway!

Huge thanks to Hitoki for sponsoring this fantastic giveaway! We’re giving away one black Hitoki Trident with a $499.99 msrp! The Trident comes standard with a whip, one removable loading chamber, and the USB-C charger.

To enter for a chance to win simply click the link below to my giveaway page. This giveaway is open through 3/25 at 4:20 pm MT.

Giveaway Closed! Thank you for participating!
Congratulations Sarah! We hope you love your Hitoki Trident!

Rules and Regulations: No purchase is required to win. Giveaway open from 3/18/2022 thru 4:20 pm MT on 3/25/2022. Must be 21 years or older and a legal resident of the United States to enter.


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  1. This session left me in awe! The Hitoki looks like so much fun! Absolutely loving your anniversary nail set and I am so excited to see your next set! Green is going to look amazing on you!

  2. Crystal O'Morrow

    I’ve only recently begun smoking versus dry herb vaping, but now I can’t get high with my vape. Have you experienced this?

    I was also curious as to how you keep your teeth so white? I’ve really noticed my teeth yellowing and it’s starting to bother my confidence.

    Thanks again for your awesome sesh! 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼 Entered the giveaway!!!

  3. YAAAAAAS another FriYAY night sesh!!! So happy to see you gorgeous 💕 this piece looks BOMB AF! Happy Friday y’all!