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It’s Friday! Let’s Sesh!

Happy Friday friends! It’s time for another Friday Night Sesh and in this one, I am using one of the first dry herb vaporizers ever designed. Come join me as I blow clouds and talk about some of my favorite movies. Don’t smoke alone, go grab your gear, and let’s sesh!

Friday Night Sesh Notes | gear and goodies mentioned in this video

Vapor Brothers

Vapor Brothers are the creators of the Original Vapor Box (VB1), one of the first desktop vaporizers. Debuting in 1999, the Vapor Brothers design is one of the oldest in the industry. This box vaporizer uses a whip and no forced air; simply inhale at a normal strength and revel in its dense and flavorful vapor.

As the creators of the original “Vapor Box,” aka Whip™ style vaporizer, we helped popularize the notion of vaporizing at a time when it was still unheard of by the public. We provide an instant way to get a dense and sweet tasting vapor without the drawbacks of smoking. We still exist 20 years later in part to our dedication, but also because modern high tech vaporizers are weak and fussy. –

I did not expect to love this vaporizer so much! It works flawlessly, heating up quickly and providing dense clouds of flavorful vapor.  The VB1 is thoughtfully constructed with natural and high-temperature-resistant materials, backed up with a lifetime warranty. Over the past 20 years, the Vapor Brothers design has grown an ardent following of users attracted to its longevity and efficiency. People even pass them down or gift them to loved ones undergoing serious health challenges.

Definitely check out the Vapor Brothers device if you’re in the market for a desktop vaporizer. With twenty years of business under their belt, and backed by that lifetime warranty, the VB1 is one to seriously consider.

Big thanks to Vapor Brothers for sponsoring tonight’s show. Learn more about this truly iconic design at


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  1. Jody Anglebrandt

    I love The Sound of Music and The Color Purple too. Reminds me of my sister ❤️. “ Sister…were two of a kind oh sister….” Thanks for the shout out! 😃