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It’s Friday! Let’s Sesh!

Happy Friday stoner friends! It is time to unwind from the week with cannabis and conversation in our Friday Night Sesh! In this video I have a fantastic and effective dab sesh using a Terp Timer, and I showcase my newest lockable stash case with all sorts of thoughtful features and components. I also, of course, enjoy some home-cannabis, and share what’s up in my personal life, like my upcoming (now passed) birthday! It’s been a long week, so let’s do some much-needed relaxing together! Go grab your bong and let’s sesh!

StashTray Bundle from Myster

Huge thanks and appreciation go to today’s sponsor Myster. I am so in love with my luxurious new stash case and accessories from this company. This is probably my favorite rolling tray to date, and I think everything about it, from the sleek look to the thoughtful design, is just perfect.

Myster’s components are all magnetic, so your stash is always secure and right where you left it. The covered ashtray keeps everything clean in your StashBox, and the cover doubles as a bowl holder.

Myster’s stash accessories are all magnetic and are perfect for the organized stoner who likes everything to have its place. The covered ashtray, four-piece grinder, and strain jar hold onto the StashTray firmly, so there’s no danger of accidental messes, no matter how much you’ve smoked. The fully magnetic StashBox keeps your components secure when not in use, and it is lockable to keep curious hands away.

I have the Blacked Out Edition of the StashTray Bundle and it came with a StashTray, a beautiful StashBox, a grinder with kief catcher, a strain jar, and a covered ashtray. All these components and more are available individually on, as well as magnetic strips to truly customize your stash accessories.

Terp Timer

Also featured in this video is the Terp Timer available at Myster. This ingenious desktop device accurately measures the temperature of your banger so you can save your concentrates until the desired temperature is achieved. No more burning hot dabs or wasted terpenes! The Terp Timer allows you to have the perfect dab, every time. Like everything from Myster, the Terp Timer is magnetic and connects securely to the StashTray for a safe and easy dab sesh.

Again, thank you to Myster for sponsoring today’s show and sending me the StashTray bundle! It is so impressive and has become my go-to tabletop stash box, keeping my supply stylishly and securely stored. Check out all that Myster has to offer (including a 24k edition of the StashTray bundle!) at


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  1. Loved this video! I really dig the night time vibe, it was great. I think a live stoner sesh would be so cool and really popular with your fans. Can’t wait for the next video.

  2. Illegalstonermom

    I personally love these seshes. I love introductions to new gizmos and whatsits.😀

    And tonight, literally right before you started commenting on it being evening, I was thinking how the dark sky gives it a real Friday night vibe and it was so elegant with the dark sky. That space is so pretty anyway and works so well for you. Makes me so glad for you.

  3. Aleshia

    I didn’t even know these were a thing! I was able to get all 3 videos under the Friday Night Sesh tag, but you should add a tab under The Show at the top of the page for it! Pretty excited for more to watch.