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It’s Friday! Let’s sesh!

Hello my dear stoner friends! It’s Friday when I prep for the weekend by unwinding with conversation and a lot of cannabis. In this week’s video I am taking advantage of our record spring snowfall with a snow-filled bong sesh! I also unbox and try out the Yocan XVape for quick and easy dabs. Go grab your bong, fill it with snow if you can, and let’s relax with a Friday Night Sesh!

Friday Night Sesh Notes | gear and goodies mentioned in this video

Astra Chamber Grinder

Don’t miss out on the Astra Chamber, a handy grinder that is perfect for the stoner mom who needs her flower and grinder all in one spot. Save valuable space in your stash bag with this two-in-one grinder and bud storage. The Astra Chamber five-piece grinder is fantastic at shredding the stickiest buds for a soft and fluffy finish that is perfect for joints, pipes, vaporizers, and bongs.

With an included kief catcher compartment plus storage for your favorite buds, Astra Chamber has everything you need in a grinder for an efficient smoke session. The Astra Chamber grinder is made to last a lifetime, constructed from durable aluminum and with a lifetime warranty.

I love this grinder! My heartfelt thanks go out to Astra Chamber for supporting the stoner mom and sponsoring our show. Go show them some love and pick up a brand new grinder while supplies last, at

Yocan X from

I am so grateful to today’s second sponsor,, for sending me the Yocan X to try out. I love this sleek little wax pen and have been using it often since filming this session. Hit play on the video above to see just how intuitive and easy to use this basic little pod system is for vaping your favorite solid concentrates.

Vape4Ever focuses on providing reputable vaporizers and vaping products from the best sources. Whether you’re looking for a basic wax pen like the one used in today’s video, or something with more bells and whistles, Vape4Ever has you covered. They carry everything from e-juice and basic batteries to desktop vaporizers, and everything in between. You can vape liquid, wax, dry herbs, or concentrates with one of the many setups offered at They even carry a full range of CBD vaping products like my absolute favorite Avida pens and e-juice.

Yocan’s X is affordable and so easy to use. It features a small design perfect for discreet hits and uses a pod system for easy access to your oven. Unlike some of the slimmer wax pens on the market, the Xvape has a big area for applying the concentrate of your choice to the dual quartz coils. It also has adjustable voltage, a preheat setting, and the bottom of the device is sealed and leakproof.

The Yocan X has great battery life, charging fully in just forty minutes and lasting me several sessions over the course of a few days. At $35 at vape4ever, this wax pen is hard to beat. Use it for all kinds of solid concentrates, like wax, crumble, and shatter. Perfect for using with CBD concentrates!

Thanks again to vape4ever for supporting The Stoner Mom Show! You can pick up most of my favorite vaping devices over at


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