G Pen Vaporizer Review: The Stoner Mom’s New Favorite Toy

The G Pen by Grenco Science is a super user-friendly vaporizer designed for concentrates. If you have been wanting to get into the dab game but have zero interest in torches, this portable vaporizer will have you confidently consuming cannabis concentrates (omg say that five times fast) without terrifying the kiddos.

I’ve talked many times before about how family-friendly vaping is. With zero smoke and minimal smell, a discreet portable vaporizer can be used in the home even when children are present. Vaping is also considered healthier than smoking cannabis, and for many it produces an easier to manage high that doesn’t last quite as long as a bong rip.

There are also many benefits to using concentrates as opposed to flower. A wax or live rosin are more potent than marijuana, so you need less. The taste is also unbeatable.

G Pen Vaporizer


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  • Sophisticated and thoughtful design
  • Complete set comes with everything you need to start vaping (besides the concentrate)
  • Rechargeable battery is powerful and charges quickly
  • Dual quartz coil tank system
  • Comes with two glass concentrate jars, G tool, USB charger and wall adapter

The G Pen is so discreet and doesn’t produce smoke, making this a must-have tool for the medicating stoner parent. Discreet enough to use indoors when kids are home, and doesn’t require a torch or dab rig to get the immediate relief of cannabis concentrates.

The dual quartz coil tank is easy to use. Simply unscrew the mouthpiece, put some wax in the tank, directly touching the coil. Put the mouthpiece back on, turn the G Pen vaporizer on and get to medicating.

The G Pen was designed for concentrates with a thicker viscosity, like wax, budder, or shatter. Grenco Science also designed a ground leaf tank that you can use in place of the coil. Additionally, there is a tank made for liquids, for those of you who prefer to vape oils.

This vaporizer is my favorite for concentrates. It’s so easy to use, extremely affordable, discreetly designed and works like a charm! With a G Pen Vaporizer in your arsenal, you can finally toke on the go. I’m talking grocery shopping people. Time to make grocery shopping a little more pleasant, am I right? Get one for yourself with my affiliate link, here!

The dual quartz coil. This is where you put your concentrate of choice.



G Pen Vaporizer


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