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Genetic Testing for Stoners? 

Genetic testing services like 23andme and AncestryDNA are all the rage these days. It’s becoming common to use these services to shed light on family origins, connect to lost loved ones, and to fill in the blanks on one’s medical background. Genetic testing has even been the final catalyst that has solved decades-old cold cases, like in the case of the infamous Golden State Killer. It seems like I can’t listen to a podcast without hearing an ad for some sort of DNA service providing reports on everything from your predisposition to health concerns to your preferences on smells.

Genetic testing has gotten so detailed and approachable to the average person, there are now services that show how an individuals’ genetics govern their unique experience with cannabinoids. Green Genomix is one such company. Using your genetic data from 23andMe,, MyHeritage, or other qualified commercial DNA tests, Green Genomix can help consumers create a more complete picture of how cannabinoids affect the body and mind.

Everyone possesses unique genetic variants in their DNA that contribute to who they are and how they respond to their environment. Some of these variants are responsible for how one experiences the effects of cannabinoids in their body. Green Genomix uses these genetic variants, along with an understanding of your lifestyle and preferences to identify products that will best suit your needs. –

A Green Genomix report contains information about the relationship between your genes and cannabis, optimal products for your needs, and more. Find the best THC: CBD ratios for your specific needs, and learn which genetic variants you have that are related to the effects of cannabis.

green genomix cannabis genetic testing
The anxiety profile from a sample cannabis wellness report by Green Genomix

Any responsible medical marijuana patient can speak on how challenging it is to figure out accurate and effecting dosing practices. And unfortunately, since it varies so much from person to person, anecdotal information like the kind I dole out here on can only so far. Ultimately, the main way we figure out how we as individuals best medicate with cannabis, is to use it regularly and to document the effects. Whether you’re using full cannabis products or medicating with CBD alone, I always encourage readers to document their experiences so they can refine a healthy practice that never hinders and only helps. 

Of course, the guess and check method of cannabis use only goes so far. With a cannabis wellness report from Green Genomix, you can eliminate the guesswork and learn exactly why too much THC makes you anxious while just enough eliminates your anxiety. 

The summary page from a sample Green Genomix report.

What is in a Green Genomix Report?

Green Genomix’s reports give you all the necessary information for crafting an effective cannabis routine. The Green Genomix report is geared towards identifying optimal cannabinoid content, amount, and product type for the following six stand-alone health qualities:

  • anxiety – see how cannabinoids affect your anxiety 
  • mood and behavior – learn the best cannabinoid ratios for optimal effects on your mood and behavior
  • cognition – how different cannabinoid formulations effect your focus
  • pain perception – how different cannabinoids formulations effect your pain 
  • metabolism – how efficiently you metabolize cannabinoids
  • Endocannabinoid System Sensitivity – learn how sensitive you are to cannabinoids 

Your Green Genomix report also includes information on the  25+ genetic variants related to the effects of cannabis, THC/CBD ratios for your specific needs, products containing the specified cannabinoid ratio and optimal consumption methods and dosage.

Your Green Genomix Wellness Report includes information about your endocannabinoid system (ECS) and how it relates to anxiety, analgesia/pain, metabolism, mood, cognition (memory and concentration), and ECS sensitivity. Also included is the optimal THC:CBD ratio, consumption method, and cannabinoid amounts that will most effectively satisfy your specific needs. –

What About Privacy?

Green Genomix takes privacy concerns extremely seriously. They are very clear on their privacy policy and post all the details on how they store and protect your information, right on their website.

We implement robust privacy policies both internally and externally to ensure that your personal information stays personal.

  • We’re transparent with the information we collect and process.
  • We do not sell or lease individual-level information.
  • Federal law (Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008; GINA) protects against employer or health insurance discrimination based on genetic information. We wouldn’t share anyway.
  • Research is conducted on aggregate nonpersonally identifiable information with your consent only (read more about our research philosophy here. )
  • You can delete your account at any time.

Would you take a Genetic Cannabis Test?

I am really intrigued by the concept of Green Genomix’s cannabis wellness reports. There is so much trial and error involved in cannabis use, it would be amazing to have the detailed specifics of my individual endocannabinoid system without having to guess or take meticulous notes. I think companies like Green Genomix are providing a really valuable service, and its definitely something I’m considering trying in the future. 

What do you think? I’m curious to know your thoughts on these types of services. Are you a fan of genealogy and genetic testing by companies like AncestryDNA? Would you ever use the data from a DNA test for a cannabis wellness report?

Big thanks to Green Genomix for sponsoring this post and giving me some interesting things to think about. Learn more about their cannabis wellness reports and try one for yourself at


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    Seems so interesting, but I have questions: what are they basing their recommendations on? Cannabis is still a schedule one drug that disallows research. Guess I’ll head over to their site and read on.