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The MV1 by Ghost Vapes is a high-end convection vaporizer with an eye-catching design, intuitive feel, and top-notch vapor quality. This much-hyped device gets high ratings from all the main vaporizer reviewers, and received a glowing write up on the Forbes website.  I have been using this vaporizer for a few months and was impressed enough to feature it as the grand prize of my 420 giveaway! Compatible with both dry herb and concentrates, this device is as versatile as it is attractive. And with its high-quality vapor and long-lasting battery, the MV1 holds its own among heavy hitters like the Mighty or Firefly.

Read on for my full review of the Ghost MV1, and check out the sesh video below for a closer look at this unique and impressive vaporizer.

Ghost MV1 Review

Build and Design

The MV1 by Ghost Vapes is a portable, on-demand, true convection vaporizer for both dry herb and concentrate extracts. With a beautiful silhouette and unique design, the Ghost MV1 is a showpiece vaporizer that will turn heads at your next group sesh. Though certainly not the discreetest of devices (its size and bulk make it too big for a pocket or small purse), the MV1 was designed to catch eyes. I love mine in rose gold, and it’s also available in matte black, black chrome, satin silver, and nickel.

The ergonomic design of the MV1 make it a pleasure to sesh with!

The MV1 features LED lights and haptic/vibration feedback. It has an ergonomic design that feels great in the hands. Your thumb rests perfectly on the vape button, and  I found the two-button control system pretty intuitive and easy to use.

Whilst technology and ground-breaking engineering is at the heart of what makes the MV1 perform so well, design was also of paramount importance. We wanted to create something truly iconic – a product that stood out from the crowd, ergonomically designed and perfectly balanced with intuitive features and tactile finishes that make it a pleasure to hold, use and share with friends.

Vapor Quality and Flavor

The MV1’s isolated and winding vapor path keeps vapor separate from electronic parts, preserving the natural flavor in your herb or concentrate. Between that vapor path and the proprietary heat sink, the Ghost MV1 produces some of the best-tasting, cool vapor I have ever experienced with a portable device. Every terpene shines with this vaporizer, and its flavors are so strong it’s always easy to tell when my cannabis has been vaped enough.

The MV1 distributes heat evenly thanks to an innovative diffuser. This means no charring of material and no need to stir in-between vapes. The even distribution of heat also provides excellence in purity for the duration of every session, retaining all the flavors of your favorite natural herbs, with zero taste distortion. With the GHOST MV1 you will actually taste what you smell for the first time.

On-Demand Heat

On-demand portable vaporizers are perfect for consumers who like to have a hit or two throughout the day. Your flower or concentrate only heats when you want it to, which is great for conserving your stash and getting the most out of your medicine. The Ghost MV1 is fast, reaching its set temperature in around 10 seconds and holding it for a good fifteen second draw. It’s equally great for longer sessions, with a powerful battery that supports several extended draws.

The MV1 battery holds its charge for around 50-60 draws. It has six preprogrammed heat settings (284-428F) and offers greater temperature control with the Ghost app.

Removable Crucible

The Ghost MV1 features a removable ceramic crucible (where you put your material to be vaped) which can be tricky to handle when filling, but is really convenient for regular cleaning and maintenance of the device.

The MV1 has a swinging arm that releases to reveal the crucible. It’s a unique feature that looks cool and makes it easier to do things like change or refill the crucible, or to clean or cool the device. The Ghost MV1 is made entirely of custom built, medical grade materials, and everything comes apart to make maintaining your vaporizer a breeze. It also features upgradable firmware so your device is always updated.

Ghost MV1 removable ceramic crucible
The ceramic crucible holds about .1 grams of ground herb.

Adjustable Airflow

A retractable stem is another little design delight that enhances the consumers experience. Raise or lower the mouthpiece to adjust draw resistance to your personal preference. I like to have mine up high with the least amount of resistance, but a lower resistance works well at the beginning of a sesh when you’re getting those first clouds.


MV1’s included accessories.

MV1 Comes With

  • MV1 vaporizer with crucible and lid
  • USB Charge Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 1 spare crucible with lid
  • 3 cleaning picks
  • 3 isopropyl alcohol wipes
  • 1 concentrate pad
  • 3 cleaning buds

MV1 Specs

  • 2 year warranty extended to 5 years if device is registered with the Ghost App or website within 90 days of purchase
  • One year warranty on battery
  • Compatibility with herbs and concentrates
  • On-demand convection heating
  • Available in Black Chrome, Rose Gold, Nickel, Satin Silver, and Stealth
  • 10 Second heat-up time
  • Isolated Vapor Path
  • Metal Alloy Shell
  • Removable Battery Pack
  • 2600mAh Capacity / 9A Output
  • Made of medical and food grade materials
  • Dimensions: 5″ x 2.25″ x 1.6″
  • Weight: 12 oz

Recommended Accessories

Ghost Vapes carries all the extras and replacement parts that you could need to maintain your vaporizer for years to come. They also have some additional accessories that go a long way in enhancing your experience with the MV1.

The Fast Charger charges the MV1 battery in two hours.

Fast Charger

The 12v/ 1.5Amp Fast Charger charges your MV1 battery in around 2 hours, which is a big improvement to the eight hours it takes with the included micro-usb charger. Once charged the MV1 lasts for around 50-60 draws.

Crucible Dispenser

I highly recommend picking up extra crucibles if you plan on using your Ghost MV1 a lot. Though it comes with two crucibles and lids, the crucibles are quite small and can be pain to load, so preparing extras is advised for long sessions or multiple tokes on-the-go. The Crucible Dispenser allows you to pre-load your crucibles and keeps them all tidy in one convenient dispenser. It comes with five crucibles and lids.

Final Thoughts

With its eye-catching design, on-demand heating, and superior vapor production, the MV1 by Ghost Vapes sets a new standard for the luxury portable vaporizer. Versatile enough for flower, concentrates, quick tokes, or long stoner sessions, the MV1 is a crowd pleaser. With features like ten second heat up, adjustable draw resistance, and unrivaled flavor, the MV1 has become my favorite at-home portable vaporizer. When compared to my former favorite, the legendary Mighty, the MV1 seems like a major glow up.

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