Happy High Holidays!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and stoners deserve to celebrate as much as anyone else! The Stoner Mom loves presents, both giving and receiving. In my mind, there is nothing more satisfying than making your loved ones scream in delight on Christmas morning. If you have a beloved stoner in your life, 2016 is the year to pamper them! The cannabis industry is booming and there are more high-quality products for potheads than ever before.

This year I have kept my list pretty simple. From designer bags for your stoner babe to glass that will make your stoner dad tear up, I’ve rounded up my top picks for a very high holiday. Enjoy!



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Glass | Bongs, Rigs, Pipes and more

What stoner doesn’t get disproportionately excited about a new bong? No matter your level of cannabis enthusiasm, a new, well-made and sparkly clean piece of glass is an amazing gift. You can find bongs in every price range and in thousands of configurations. There are high-end glass companies, independent glass blowers, affordable generic glass brands, and everything in between.

For the stoner with nothing to smoke out of, a gift of a bong will make their entire holiday season. For the stoner with an extensive bong collection, the introduction of just one more is equally exciting.

Here are some picks from my favorite online headshop Use the code stonermom for 10% off your order. Happy Holidays!




Barrel to Swiss Perc by Diamond Glass 

Diamond Glass is my favorite glass brand, simply because these suckers are built for stoners. They are hard to break and can withstand several accidental knock overs. With thick glass and excellent function, you really cannot go wrong gifting a Diamond Glass piece. Choose a traditional bowl for flower or a quartz banger to use as a dab rig.

Diamond Glass Barrel to Swiss Perc | $139.95 at








UPC Bubble Base Zong

First of all, what the hell is a zong? A zong is just a bong with a crazy Z-shaped neck. This small zong from UPC is the perfect size to stash away in some unassuming cabinet, waiting to become your new favorite sesh piece. A great starter piece!

UPC Bubble Base Zong | $55.95 at









The Typhoon by Diamond Glass

The Typhoon is the latest newcomer at The Stoner Mom’s casa, and it is awesome! Slender and elegant, this is a sophisticated piece that produces well cooled and percolated smoke. And of course, Diamond Glass never disappoints.

Diamond Glass The Typhoon | $119 at








UPC Donut Base Bong

An unassuming donut base bong is the perfect beginner’s piece. Simple, sleek and difficult to knock over, plus it’s priced for those new to the game.

UPC Donut Base Bong | $49 at









Sherlock Pipe by Grav Labs

This Grav Labs pipe is perfection, seriously. Much larger than the average pipe and with its distinctive Sherlock style, this pipe will delight anyone! Mine is pink and perfect, but it comes in plenty of other colors, including black, blue and green.

Grav Labs Large Sherlock Pipe | $22.95 at









Shot Glass Taster Combo

Stocking stuffer alert! For men like my beloved husband, (more of a drinker than a toker) this shot glass/one hitter combo will make him a happy man this holiday season.

Grav Lab Shot Glass Taster Combo | $19.95 at










Panda Pipe 

Empire Glassworks has a whole collection of geek-friendly glass, and this stuff is beautifully crafted. I’ve picked this panda piece this year but they have plenty of Adventure Time and Star Wars themed glass as well.

Empire Glassworks Panda Pipe | $119 at






Shot Glass Stemline Perc Dab Rig

A little rig like this is perfect for discrete dabbing around the house.

Black Sheep Shot Glass Stemline Perc Rig | $59.99 at











The Poseidon Rig by Sesh Supply

A serious rig for the serious dabber. Sesh Supply glass is thick and durable and they have a slew of awesome designs.

Sesh Supply 17 inch Poseidon Rig | $215 at










Nerd Alert! Pokeball Carb Cap. Gotta catch em all.


Empire Glassworks Carb Caps

Listen up gift givers. Dabbers need a carb cap! These handy little caps slip over a banger to keep in that sweet dab smoke, increasing the lifespan of your dabs and thus saving your loved one some cheese.

Empire Glassworks Pokeball Carb Cap | $35 at
Empire Glassworks Bumble Bee Carb Cap | $35 at

Bumble Bee Carb Cap by Empire Glassworks



Vaporizers make a very thoughtful gift, considering the health benefits of vaping versus smoking. Tell your pretty pothead that her health is important to you with the gift of a portable vaporizer.

With legalization marching happily across the globe, consumers have lots of excellent choices in a range of prices, so there is no reason to settle for anything less than what you want. Whether you prefer flower, shatter, oils, or all the above, there are options today for every type of stoner!

For Ground Herb (ie weed!)


G Pen Elite

My top choice for gift-giving this year is Grenco Science’s G Pen Elite. It’s easy to use, is extremely fast to heat up, and has a huge ceramic chamber. At $169.95, the G Pen Elite is an excellent entry-level device for those eager to try vaping but not willing to drop $400. Read my G Pen Elite review

The G Pen Elite by Grenco Science | $169.95 at 




FEZ Portable Vaporizer

My FEZ is over two years old and I would still recommend it to a friend! Discreet, reliable, unique and comes in three different color choices. A beautiful, minimalist portable vaporizer and an entry-level price. Read my FEZ review

FEZ | $129 at




Vaporizers for Concentrates


Top Choice! The Flosstradamus

The Flosstradamus is an incredibly powerful vaporizer from SourceVapes. I have been loving the entire SourceVape line for a few weeks now, (reviews to come) and honestly, I don’t know how I ever lived without them. Check out the entire line, literally everything these people make is incredible. Best bang for your buck, for sure. Use the code stonermom for 10% off your order.

Flosstradamus Source Orb XL | $199 at





The Original G Pen 

Another offering from Grenco Science, the classic G Pen is my absolute favorite method for consuming concentrates on the go. The battery life has been the most impressive out of the many pens I’ve used, and replaceable coils mean this thing will always work like new. Read my G Pen review.

G Pen Vaporizer | $69.95 at



Source Nail Portable ENail

My new favorite way to dab, this ENail has replaced my dab rigs indefinitely. ENails are battery-powered devices that heat a banger/nail to dabbing level temperatures without the need for a torch. No butane means even greater taste. This is a must have for a concentrate enthusiast! Use the code stonermom for 10% off your order.

Source Nail Portable ENail & Vape Pen | $199 at





Vaporizers for Both | Flower & Concentrates



Mighty by Storz & Bickel

Got a spoiled stoner at home that you want to pamper this season? Get a Mighty. It blows the fattest clouds, has a sophisticated interface and is mega easy to use. Read my Mighty Review

Mighty Vaporizer | $399 at





The Volcano Vaporizer

The ultimate vaporizer, perfect for any stoner on your list. This classic device from Storz & Bickel will be on my holiday list indefinitely. Get the 5 ft balloons and prepare to float the evening away.

The Volcano Vaporizer | $479 at





Stoner accessories enhance the pleasure of our smoke sessions, keep our stash secure, and save our furniture from dabbing gunk. Being a stoner can get a little messy. Let’s up our stoner game this year and get some quality accessories for our beloved medication.



Lightning Grinder 

Personalize a stoner gift box with your dear ones favorite color. These grinders kick ass, have a kief compartment, and come in some great colors.

DankGeek Lightning Grinder | $29.95 at
Use code stonermom for 10% your order






Phoenician Medical Grade Grinder

A trackless medical-grade grinder. Once you get one of these you’ll never use another. The notch on the lid holds rolling papers. Available in three sizes.

Phoenician Medical Grade Grinder Large | $109.99 at 




Dab Mats

Dr. Dabber Honeymat

Dab? You need a dab mat. Dab tools get nasty and scraping melted hash off your furniture gets old pretty fast.

Dr. Dabber Honeymat | $9.95 at






OilSlick Dab Pad

Slick Duo Pack Dab Pad | $11 at







I love these! The Media Sled has a notch for your phone or tablet so you can watch The Stoner Mom Show while you roll joints. The mini lap sled is the tray the BFF and I have always dreamed of for our nights on the town.

The Media Sled Solo | $39.95 at
Mini Lap Sled | $24.95 at


The Mini-Sled is perfect for on-the-go toking.

Stoner Storage

New Love! Annabis Bags

A recent discovery, Annabis Bags are gorgeous luxury handbags and totes designed for cannabis lovers! With hidden pockets, odor-containing lining, pretty herb containers, and a satin dust cover, this company has the details locked down. Check out the Lookbook.

Lady G bag by Annabis | $245 at

Maya Clutch

Mine is purple and lives in my Kate Spade bag. No more plastic baggies for this Stoner Mom!

Maya bag by Annabis| $125 at

Responsible Cannabis Storage by Stashlogix

Stashlogix bags are my personal favorite way to store my stash. Unisex, impeccably made, odor proof and donning a built-in combination lock. These bags are a stoner parent must. Stock it full of pot for the ultimate holiday gift. Available in three convenient sizes. Read my Stashlogix review.

ProStash Bag by StashLogix | $89 at
Use code stonermom for 10% off


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