2018 Holiday Gift Guide | 12 Days of Vlogmas

Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings stoner family!

This year for the holidays I’m jumping on the Vlogmas bandwagon and sharing 12 days of stoner sessions, cannabis gifts, and holiday cheer! Every year since 2014 I’ve shared my ideas for generous stoner gifting, usually with one giant post and video. For 2018 I’m spreading things out with 12 days of sesh videos, stoner gifts and ideas, and sprinkling in some festive vlogs here and there. Come celebrate the season with me, and let’s enjoy a very high holiday!

Gifts for the Home Grower

One of the great benefits of growing your own cannabis supply is the development of new skills and talents. With all hobbies come the potential for thoughtful gift giving, and cannabis cultivation is no different. In today’s vlog, sit down with David and I while we get stoned and talk about cool things to give growers.


Products Featured in this Video:

The Grow Planner
Goldleaf | $18

A beautiful companion to any home grow. The Grow Planner by Goldleaf helps you organize and plan your cannabis grow for success.

Grow Your Own
The Stoner Mom | from $25

Our complete guide to a safe and plentiful cannabis grow from the comfort of your own home. Audio version read by The Stoner Mom.

Complete LED Grow Kit
Black Dog LED | $2900 as configured

The exact setup we use at home! Our huge yields have completely rid us of our dependency on dispensaries and outside growers! Black Dog LED has taken all the guesswork out of selecting the best equipment for an LED indoor grow room setup. Customize your own kit with the best the industry has to offer.

Plant Rooting Compound
Radix | $20 for 100 ml

Only a home grower would be jazzed about this gift, but David swears by it! Stimulate healthy root growth with this powerful solution.

SpinPro Original Trimmer
SpinPro | $167

Eliminate hours of work and hand cramps with this trimming machine that’s built to last. Trim up to 2 oz of cannabis in five minutes; that means more time for getting high.

Titanium Trimming Shears
Shear Perfection | $11

Our favorite spring loaded shears feature a curved blade for tight spaces and control.

Angled Bonsai Trimmers
Shear Perfection | $19

These Japanese nonstick trimmers are super sharp and excellent for precise control and detailed trimmer.


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  1. Illegal stoner mom

    I love getting gift baskets. I’ve never had a cannabis one. 💋💗