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New Glass Smoke Sesh and Bong Giveaway! | The Stoner Mom Show

Hi friends! It is time for another smoke sesh, and in this one, I’m breaking in THREE gorgeous new pieces from Glassics. Join me as I try out the latest additions to my glass collection, and check out the end of this post for details on entering our giveaway for a brand new beaker bong just like the one I used in this video.

Glassics | functional and affordable glass

I am so grateful to have found and work with Glassics, whose catalog features simple and sophisticated pieces that are built to last. They carry a range of scientific glass bongs, bubblers, dab rigs, and unique accessories, all at great prices. Based in Seattle, Glassics keeps a carefully curated catalog so that shopping is easy and prices are low.

The 18-inch tree and showerhead pedestal bong.
I’m loving this curved neck bubbler with a tree percolator. It’s become my go-to dab rig!
The 12” beaker bong from Glassic’s thick collection. Our giveaway prize and a great daily driver for any stoner!

Glassic’s Thick Glass collection is particularly impressive, featuring 9 mm thick glass. That’s almost twice as thick as traditional bongs. That added durability means your piece should last longer and feel a little more comfortable and solid when in use. Our giveaway beaker bong is from this line, and you can really feel its durability when using it. Check out the video above to watch it in action!

Glassics + The Stoner Mom Bong Giveaway!

We’re giving away one 12 inch beaker bong from Glassics’ 9 mm thick line, and trust this baby is sturdy! Its reinforced glass walls are stronger and more durable than standard, 5mm glass bongs, and its simple beaker style is always my recommended shape for a new bong. Beaker bongs are easy to clean and store, have a sturdy base difficult to knock off-center, and have large water reservoirs for plenty of filtration. Our giveaway piece also features an ice catcher so cool hits are a breeze.

Enter for a chance to win a thick beaker bong just like this, courtesy of Glassics.

I am so thankful to Glassics for sending me some new glass to try and for sponsoring today’s video and giveaway!

Giveaway has closed and winner is being contacted. Check back for updates!

This giveaway closes after 4:20 pm MT on 11/11/2020. Must be 21 years or older to enter. The winner will be contacted via the email address used to enter. Thanks everyone for participating, and best of luck to all who enter! Stay responsible!


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