Grow Your Own

Because Growing at Home Can Be Safe, Responsible, & Plentiful

Growing your own cannabis can seem overwhelmingly complicated. Unnecessarily so. I mean it’s just a plant, right? But there are so many ways to grow marijuana, so many details that can vary from grow to grow, and there is an unfriendly environment online when it comes to gathering information to make your own decisions about your cannabis grow.


David and I wrote our first book just for this reason. We were tired of toxic Facebook groups, judgemental redditors, and know-it-all Instagrammers. Truthfully, there is no one right way to grow marijuana, and anyone telling you otherwise is kinda being a jerk.

Our book, Grow Your Own, is our a guide to how we chose to grow cannabis in our own home.  It is a blueprint to our exact grow method here at Casa de la Stoner and takes the guesswork out of cultivating your own medicine at home.


 You Will Learn:

  • How to set up a safe grow space without breaking the bank
  • All about our preferred sustainable and environmentally-friendly grow medium: coco coir.
  • Pros and cons of different lighting options, and our exact lighting setup
  • The ABC’s of nutrients. You won’t even need a horticulture degree.
  • About bugs, yuck. Our grow method is highly bug resistant, but should your grow have a few unwanted outsiders, we’ll tell you how to get rid of them.
  • The steps involved in harvesting your final product. Trimming, drying, curing and enjoying.
  • The must-haves and maybes complete shopping list of materials for starting a home cannabis grow from the ground up.
  • 13 week guided grow section: a complete step by step guide for your first grow. Tips, steps, and reminders from seed to harvest.

Check out Grow Your Own here!

Grow Your Own


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