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On Podcasting

My husband likes to talk. A lot. He’s one of those extroverted, bold, constantly yakking, tapping, bobbing, noise-making people. I am NOT one of those people. Other than my preference for loud music, I am a virtually silent person. I appear beside people alone in rooms. Never has this been clearer than our first few attempts at podcasting. See we’re planning on having two podcasts; The Stoner Mom Podcast, hosted by me, and more about the stuff I write about. David’s GrowCast is about how to grow weed, something I don’t really know jack about.

So we started recording mine first, and the task was plodding, arduous, and full of the usual Stoner Mom hysterics when forced to speak. Honest to god, it’s one of the reasons I smoke weed! I am so uptight, so painfully shy sometimes, I can hardly release my jaws. So I puffed angrily on my bong to loosen up, and then robotically read my scripts (not a good idea for me) and spent hours of our time, only for us to mutually agree that uh… I sucked and need a lot more time than we ever imagined.

A few days later we sat down to record his. And yeah, of COURSE he’s better than me, and faster, and breezes through it. Ugh. Whatever. It’s why I fell in love with him I suppose. He’s like the verbal male version of me. Anyway.

How to Grow Weed, a Podcast at a time!

GrowCast is David’s show about growing cannabis! One of the smartest things we ever did was to invest in growing our own medication for me. Cause homies, I smoke a lot of weed. If you are able and fortunate enough to live somewhere where cannabis is legalized in some form (or not), doing a little research into how to grow your own weed (and vegetables, and herbs, and everything else!) can be a great first step in self-sufficiency.

One of the problems we encounter when researching, is the overload of information out there. I’m not talking about the good info. I’m talking about the environment one comes across when trying to learn something over the internet. You know. People can be jerks. People like to insist that they are right. Always. Because of course, as we all know, there is ONLY ever ONE way to do things. Obviously.

GrowCast is a non-preachy podcast about the most basic ways to grow weed. David and I cover all the basics that will help you get self-sufficient and start producing your own cannabis for your own use. Parents can totally grow their own weed and kids don’t have to know a damn thing. In our case we have an entire locked storage room in the basement that our kids have no access to. I think a lot of people in single family homes have space somewhere where they can safely grow their own small, personal supply of weed. GrowCast covers all sorts of strategies for parents and beginners and some like-minded conversation for those already in the know.

Everybody has to Start Somewhere

Might as well be with a grumpy half-drunk grizzled old man and his stoned wifey. What we promise is that there will be no preaching or demands that you do it this way, or that way, or insistence that only an ignorant n00b would do that. None of that. And, I promise I won’t let him talk too much. And he’ll promise to incite me enough to talk. Perfect.

In GrowCast Episode 1:

  • Meet David! He’s my husband. I love him a lot!!
  • Why Should you Grow your own Cannabis?
  • Materials and Supplies.
  • How to Plan your Grow Space.
  • Resources we Love.


We sincerely hope you guys love this episode, and we welcome your feedback, ideas, and topics to cover! Click below, have a listen, and please, get stoned while doing so. Because I am getting stoned throughout.


music in this episode

Argofox Digital Math Hop Up
Jenova 7 and Mr. Moods – Run
mildtape – Index Dub


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