Beginning your Grow: Seeds or Clones?

Your first big decision when beginning your home grow, is how you will start. Maybe you have some cannabis seeds, or perhaps you’ve gone into a dispensary and bought a clone. There are advantages t0 both, so it really just depends on what you are able to get your hands on in whatever state you are in. At Casa de la Stoner we have had successful grows from both. Seeds are preferable, but clones are faster. Today’s episode of GrowCast is all about the first step of your grow, deciding whether to grow from seed or from a clone. You will learn:

In GrowCast Episode 5:

• What cloning means, how it works and how to do it

• Where do you get clones?

• Where to get cannabis seeds or, our international seed purchasing adventure

• The different types of cannabis seeds

• What are feminized seeds?

• Growing mediums for both seeds and clones

Click play below and have a listen to The Stoner Mom messing up the intro.

*David’s Notes

As I mentioned during the podcast, here is an image taken from one of my vegging plants showing where to cut for cloning. You want to make sure the clone you cut has nodes with new growth on them. In this picture I would remove the two fan leaves right above the cut mark and prep that area for the cloning gel.

The great thing about cutting here is the stalk below the cut will continue to grow as you can see the new growth developing. Email with any questions.

Seeds and Cloning



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