SCROG: A Screen of Green

Episode 6 is all about an easy technique for getting the greatest yield in a limited space. The SCROG, or “screen of green” is a popular method that is easily achievable for the DIY grower. David spends an entire episode explaining the in’s and out’s of the SCROG grow, including how to make one yourself in a cost-effective way. If you are growing with a single cannabis plant, or just want to increase your amount of harvested weed, this is a great episode to listen to.



In GrowCast Episode 6:

• What the heck is a screen of green

• Different ways to make your very own cost-effective SCROG

• How to use a SCROG during the lifetime of your cannabis plants

• Updates on our current grow

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One last thing…

As promised here is a pic of my PVC monstrosity. Enjoy!




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