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Hara Flow CBD

Hara Flow is one of my favorite new CBD discoveries! Founded by accomplished athletes with a personal connection to cannabis and CBD, Hara has an impressive product line developed for convenient everyday use. Featuring broad-spectrum CBD with zero THC, Hara’s line of oils, softgels, edibles, hemp flower, and topicals has a CBD product for everyone. Read on to learn more about what Hara Flow offers, and see why their Focus CBD Softgels are my new favorite CBD product.

Key Highlights

  • Broad-spectrum CBD product line contains zero THC
  • Affordable sample sizes for trying out certain Hara products
  • Unique softgel blends formulated for focus and sleep, containing beneficial ingredients in addition to CBD
  • Up-to-date third-party lab results readily available on the Hara website

CBD Products Available

Online Lab Results

Yes! Hara’s up-to-date third-party lab results are easily accessible right on their website. View them here.

Hara Flow CBD Products I’ve Tried

Focus CBD Softgels

My favorite Hara product! Hara’s Focus CBD Softgels are full of ingredients that will jumpstart your morning or afternoon in the best possible way. I love popping one of these in the morning when I’ve got a full day of tasks to get done. With 25mg of CBD, 75mg of caffeine, and high amounts of B vitamins, L-Theanine, and Beta-Pinene, these Focus capsules are a perfect morning cocktail.

These cruelty-free vegan CBD softgels deliver a jitter-free mood boost that clears any foggy mind and primes it for a smooth, uplifted workflow. –

I have been taking one of these Focus capsules whenever it’s time to really center on getting things done, and I have to say I love this blend! Softgels are so convenient and can be easier to take than CBD oils, so I get really excited when I find one that works for me. These Focus capsules fit seamlessly into my morning routine and are also great for late morning when I’m out of coffee and feeling my morning energy diminish. Highly recommended!

Sleep CBD Softgels

Hara’s Sleep CBD Softgels are developed to help you sleep better. These vegan softgels contain 25mg of Hara’s broad-spectrum CBD, as well as 5mg of melatonin and terpenes limonene and beta-pinene. These were so effective for me, and gave me one of the best nights of sleep I have had in a long time! I woke up refreshed and in a great mood, with zero grogginess. If you’re looking for a CBD-based sleep aid, definitely give this one a try!

Hemp Healer Balm

A fantastic topical! I love Hara’s Hemp Healer Balm! This mess-free roll-on applicator is so convenient and works well for targeted pain relief. This balm is formulated with plant medicines and 150mg of CBD. It smells so good, with arnica, turmeric, menthol, and peppermint oil for fast-acting, deep relief.

My favorite thing about this CBD balm is how mess-free applying the product is. No messy creams under my nails, and no greasy residue. I use mine for pain relief as well as deep-treating eczema patches on my children’s arms. I’m a big believer that every household should have a high-quality CBD topical in their medicine cabinet and Hara’s Hemp Healer Balm is an excellent choice.

Hara Flow

Hara Flow really impresses me with its CBD softgel blends for specific effects. In fact, their Focus softgels are one of my favorite CBD products that I’ve discovered this year! Hara’s product catalog has something to offer everyone, from hemp flower prerolls to luxurious CBD bath bombs. Learn more and shop at


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