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The Stoner Mom Show | Pet Edition

It’s officially the dog days of summer so how about a smoke sesh where we focus on my beloved, the main man in my life, the incomparable Max.



Max is my much-loved St Bernard and Husky mix rescue dog. I’ve had him since he was an enormous two-year old that would eat holes through dry wall and pull couch cushions through the doggy door. Now that he’s a beleaguered old man he is far less destructive, but he’s still got the heart and spirit of a young pooch. In this stoner session I get high and talk about Max, as well as show some new pet gear courtesy of Smoke Cartel.

Smoke Cartel was kind enough to send over lots of cannabis themed pet gear and now Max is rocking a whole new look with his gentlemen’s bow tie and matching collar and leash. Not to mention the plush plus-sized toy joint, which I have told my children is a baseball bat. I will admit Max looks hilarious carrying it around in his mouth. We really can’t get enough of Max in his bow tie. I daresay he’s the best dressed boy in the neighborhood!


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  1. Hi First i love your videos always nice to watch during a stoner sesh and yes i’ve the same name as your dog ^^ (well kinda). I had a question about pets, because i’m kinda parano about letting my cats in the room i smoke in, like i fear it won’t be good for them to be exposed to smokes, so i was wondering about you and how do you manage with your pets ?

  2. jennifer zaragoza

    Oh..and Max looks super cute with his bow tie..of course 😉

  3. jennifer zaragoza

    I have an EXTRA large dog as well,hes a lab/boxer(Deangelo) and nothing hardly ever fits him either he’s got a super broad chest.I also have a large dog hes a lab/beagle(Diego)that weighs 60-ish pounds lol

  4. Illegal t stoner mom

    Can’t believe it took me this long to watch this. Of course I love your nails! I like the look of the coffin nails but they’re so long! 🔥😍 Max and Katya are glorious as ever. 💋