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A Premium Subscription Box for Stoners

In recent years subscription boxes of every possible niche have been gaining popularity. From pet accessories and snack food, to toys, tech, and beauty products, there is a curated monthly box for every need. The cannabis world is no different and we’ve got plenty of stoner subscription box brands to choose from. In this post I’m sharing why Hemper boxes have become my favorite stoner subscription, and why I think they’re a great choice for stoners of all levels of experience.

Highly Curated Smoking Accessory Subscription Box

I’ve been receiving Hemper boxes for several months now and it has definitely elevated my stoner accessory game. Hemper makes highly curated, monthly (or every 2 or 3 months) subscription boxes chock full of premium stoner accessories. With Hemper boxes you’ll discover new smoking products, name brand items, and exclusive celebrity collaboration products, right to your door in discrete packaging. I’ve been getting their premium box, the Glassentials, and it always delivers exciting and useful new products valued around $100, for only $29.99 a month.

Hemper also offers two smaller packages, the Bare Essentials for only $1 plus shipping (yes you read that right) and the Hemper Pack for $15 a month and with free shipping. I have found that subscription boxes are an easy way to keep up your stock of papers, wraps, lighters, cleaning accessories and other stoner essentials without having to leave the house. The Glassentials box has also really helped to round out and build up my glass collection. I now have several small water pipes and bubblers, all unique and of great quality.

A new dab rig from the April box, a collab with Strain Central! It also came with a bowl for traditional use, and check out the darling carb cab! It’s my favorite carb cap yet!

We have set the highest standard for smoking accessories subscription boxes in the industry. Our expert curators hand pick 10+ items every month to pack in your Hemper Glassentials box, while consistently delivering $100+ dollars in value for $29.99. What makes the Hemper experience unique is the ability to discover the latest products from an array of categories and premium brands throughout the industry without leaving your home. Our in-house product development team is constantly innovating, designing, and developing unique accessories to put into your curated boxes, that you won’t find elsewhere. All boxes are shipped in a discreet mailer bag with no branding on the outside as we value your privacy as much as our own.

The April Glassentials box: waterpipe/dab rig, bowl, carb cap, banger, wraps, papers, tips, lighter, cleaning bristles, cigar cutter, rolling tray and stickers.

Why I Love Hemper Boxes

  1. Well-curated products. I am forever impressed by the different items in each box. Hemper works with the best brands and the products they stock their boxes with are not only useful but often new and exciting. Their products range from basic essentials, cleaning and maintenance products, odor control, storage, and smoking accessories like glass filters, rolling trays, ash trays and grinders.
  2. Unique, high quality glass. Most stoner subscription boxes I’ve tried feature a glass piece each month, but they were often in the form of a hand-pipe. I love that Hemper’s glass pieces are typically small water pipes or bubblers. They’re the only box I’ve tried with such a great glass variety from month to month and I really think that makes a difference to stoners who love variety in their smoke sessions.
  3. Frequent collaborations. Hemper partners with different cannabis personalities that offer a fresh take on the monthly haul. Personalities like 2Chains, Cyprus Hill, Silenced Hippie and Strain Central have curated awesome boxes. Peppered between standard Hemper box’s, these collabs keep things fresh and exciting.

Some of my Favorite Products I’ve found through Hemper boxes

Another reason to love Hemper, they have an online shop where you can purchase individual products without a subscription. Say what?! I received all of these items from the subscription boxes, but you can pick up many of these individually in Hemper’s shop!


Hemper has really helped me build up my glass collection, particualrly my smaller pieces. I love the discrete and storable size most of their glass comes in.

My favorite Hemper glass piece came from Silenced Hippies box. It’s the center bong in the aside and above pictures. 6” with a delicate bent neck, it’s a great little piece that’s easy to stash. A great daily piece. Check it out here.







I absolutely love the Hemper Cache! A handy silicon ashtray with debowler, it’s also a great addition to a dab session for holding dab tools, carb cap and concentrate. I have two of these and love that they’re stackable and easy to store when not in use.




Another favorite product I wouldn’t have found without Hemper, Aromas Candles! These smell amazing and burn for hours! My favorite scents are White Widow and Mad Calm.





The Hemper glass blunt has become one of my favorite ways to toke on-the-go. No rolling necessary, just add cannabis!





Final Thoughts

There are quite a few high quality stoner subscription boxes out there, but consistently great product curation and exclusive artist and celebrity collaborations set Hemper apart from the rest. I have really enjoyed the variety and usefulness of Hemper’s boxes, and I think you might to. Learn more about subscribing  or shop individual items in their online store over at


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  1. Lady Anglebrandt

    I love Hemper!! I stopped my subscription though because I don’t really smoke blunts or anything. I use bongs.. I always thought someone should do just purely a bong essentials box, small bong pieces, lighter, cleaning supplies and oder control. I would totally subscribe!!