*PLEASE NOTE: Since this review was created, the creators of the herbalizer have taken down their web page. Make sure to see if the supplier you purchase The Herbalizer from will still honor the warranty.

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Herbalizer Vaporizer Review

Hello friends! In this post I’m sharing my thoughts and experiences on using the Herbalizer, a luxury desktop vaporizer with high-end features and an equally high price tag. No bones about it, the Herbalizer is one of the most impressive vaporizing device I’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing, and yes, I own a Volcano. Probably the only direct competition to the legendary Volcano available on the market, the Herbalizer is a high-end, medical-grade desktop device for vaporizing and aromatherapy.

Read on for my full review and walk thru of the Herbalizer, and to see it in action, check out my video demo below. And as always, leave your thoughts and questions in the comments at the end of the post.

A Luxury Tool for the Ultimate Vaporizing Experience

Easy, intuitive, and designed with several smart features (like an auto-dimming LCD screen and tilt sensors with auto shutoff) the Herbalizer was thoughtfully engineered with the daily medical patient in mind.

Setting it apart from other desktop vaporizers is its heating element, a halogen bulb that helps produce pure and thick vapor with complex flavor. Extremely fast and efficient, the Herablizer heats up in seconds, making it one of the fastest devices available. It offers precise temperature control from 290 – 445º, and the device itself displays what type of experience to expect per temperature.

The big LCD screen is great; every time you open the Herbalizer it displays a cute, stoner-ish phrase that often makes me smile, like “insane in the brain”, “get to da choppa”, “legalize it”, “wish you were here”. Then it defaults to the main screen where it displays the current temperature and what kind of high that temperature corresponds to.

The overall design is quite sleek. Egg-shaped, silver and white, it’s both minimalistic and discrete. It’s an attractive device that would look fine left out in any household. The included silicone whip stores easily within device and there is a hidden accessory tray in the lid that holds a brush, grinder card, essential oils, and concentrate pads.

Multiple Ways to Vape

The Herbalizer is for both dry herbs and concentrates, and has a few different ways to get that vapor to you. With both a vaportherpay and aromatherapy setting, plus an included whip and balloons, Herbie offers several ways to enjoy your cannabis.

Whip System

The whip system is by far my favorite way to vaporizer and I am so pleased that using the Herablizer has rekindled my love for vaping with a whip. I haven’t used a whip since my first vaporizer purchase, the Arizer Extreme (not a fan) and I just love sitting on my rear and puffing away like the caterpillar in Alice and Wonderland. When you turn on the fan, vapor is forced through and literally comes streaming out the mouthpiece of the whip. It is really fun to use. You can also turn the fan off and just draw at your own pace, much less likely to send you into coughing fits.

With the fan turned off, the vapor stream is gentle and responds to your draw style.

Bag System

The Herablizer also comes with four balloons for filling with vapor. These are made with different material than the well-known Volcano bags. The plastic is softer and doesn’t make a ton of noise, a big plus. To fill the balloons you place one on the bowl, turn on the fan and watch as it fills up with delicious vapor. Then squeeze the mouthpiece and suck the vapor into your lungs. The bags are food safe and have to taste, so you really get to enjoy the variety of flavors, and aromas from your cannabis .

Hotbox time! Freestyle means letting vapor pour into your enviroment without a whip or balloon.

Freestyle Mode

Because the Herbalizer is also an aromatherapy device, it has a great setting where you can take off the whip or balloon and just let the vapor fill your environment. Great for hotboxing a room, but probably not something the typical stoner does with their weed. It is a great party trick though.

Additional Accessories Available

There are some additional pieces you can purchase for the Herbalizer to make your experience even more exciting. Glass pieces like the Steamroller fit over the bowl seamlessly and direct and concentrate the vapor for a hit that will remind you of your favorite bong. 

Herbalizer | comes with

  • (4) SqueezeValve™ Balloons
  • 3 ft silicone whip
  • Magnetic Bowl
  • (2) Aromapads
  • (2) Spare Bowl Screens
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Cleaning brush
  • Power cord
  • Grinder Card
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

Herbalizer | specs

  • +/- 5 °F temperature control with 1° setpoint control
  • Configurable Display °C or °F
  • Optional Assisted Delivery
  • Over Temperature Shutoff
  • Auto Shutoff w/ Sleep Function
  • Tip Over Auto Shutoff
  • LCD with auto-adjusting brightness
  • Magnetic Bowl
  • CoolGrips™Insulated Bowl
  • Hidden Accessory Tray
  • SqueezeValve™ Balloon System
  • 2-year Limited Warranty

What I Love about the Herbalizer

Literally Everything

I really, really like the Herbalizer. I love how easy to use and user-friendly it is. Someone brand new to vaporizing can be vaping flower within seconds. I love its precise and near instant temperature control. I love its sleek design, its cool shape and storage options, and its ability to vape multiple ways. I love the lack of smell, the lack of smoke, and the cute phrases on the LCD screen. I love how easy it makes medicating!

Drawbacks to Consider


Originally over $700 and now priced at $600, the Herbalizer is easily the most expensive device I’ve ever reviewed. That is a high barrier to entrance in my opinion. Safe to say, the Herbalizer is best for someone familiar with vaping and who is seeking the longterm benefits it provides. Herbie is well-suited for medical and daily users looking to conserve their cannabis supply and who need a powerful vaporizer they don’t need to worry about charging.

Because of that higher cost, I recommend checking out To The Cloud Vapor Store, where every vaporizer purchase comes with a trial period where you can return the device for a partial refund. Your refund is prorated and you are charged for the time you use the device. This is a great way to try those higher priced devices before making the full commitment. They also offer trade-in’s for store credit or cash, so if you have a vaporizer you never use collecting dust, it’s definitely worth checking out To The Cloud Vapor Store.

Mouthpiece on the Bags

So, Herbalizer bags have a silicone mouthpiece that you squeeze to release vapor. I have read some critique about these bags, mainly that they mouthpieces begin to tear with a lot of use, and that the bags themselves are susceptible to tearing and need to be replaced in time. I haven’t used my Herbalizer enough to agree, but having used the Volcano bags so much I can definitely say that I prefer the Volcano’s excellent mouthpieces where you press instead of squeeze. I dislike the feeling of the soft silicone, and I’m not crazy about the squeeze-to-release function. I mostly stick to using the whip when I use Herbie and save the balloon sessions for the Volcano. The Vape Critic has a great suggestion to use the Volcano’s bags on the Herbalizer; drawback there is you have to hold the bag onto the bowl as it fills.

Concluding Thoughts

Smart, efficient, and beautifully designed, I really love the Herbalizer and am grateful to have it in my routine. The benefits of vaporizing are numerous and having a permanent device that is ready at the push of a button makes reaping those benefits ridiculously simple. The level of temperature control, the speed of the device, ease of using the whip, and the quality of the vapor makes this one my favorite vaporizers, right along with the classic Volcano. Recently I find myself using it more often than the Volcano, simply because I love that whip so much!

To learn more about the Herbalizer and to purchase from my recommended retailer, visit To The Cloud Vapor Store.


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    You are so funnyyyyy when you are stoned. So relatable. I actually think I am going to start a fund for this in my house. Thanks for the review!

  2. That is the one huge thing I will miss about Youtube, seeing actual reviews and demos of products. I see that you are no longer a fan of the extreme, I feel the the power of the fan leaves the unit lacking. How does this unit compare?

  3. Had a session while watching along. Got nice an medicated and the giggles hit hard when you quacked.