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Herbstrong Review

Herbstrong’s Extra Strong Recovery collection features high-strength, full spectrum CBD products containing an array of cannabinoids. Targeted for those in the sports and fitness industry, Herbstrong’s potent products are a perfect fit for any CBD enthusiast looking to reap the benefits of whole plant compounds. Herbstrong carries premium quality CBD oil, high-dose vape cartridges, and a potent topical cream for targeted relief.

Key Highlights:

  • Full spectrum CBD tinctures, vape products, and topicals
  • Impressive Strong Paws line features full-spectrum CBD oil for animals in a variety of strengths
  • Lifetime Veteran discount with ID
  • Lifetime Emergency Service Personnel discount with ID

Products Available

  • Oil tinctures in 1000, 3000, and 5000 mg strengths
  • Strong Paws line for animals available in 250, 1000, 2000 mg strengths
  • High strength pre-filled vape cartridges and stylish branded battery
  • Topical recovery cream

Origin of Hemp


Online Lab Results?

Lab results provided upon request. At the time of this writing Herbstrong does not post their third-party lab results on their site. Contact to request current lab results. I did so and received a copy promptly via email.

Products I’ve Tried

1000 mg Extra Strong Full Spectrum Recovery Drops

Herbstrong’s 1000 mg oil tincture is excellent and is a great value for a high quality oil. At 4 mg per drop, this tincture promotes body relief, muscle recovery, and relaxation.

Silver Edition 3000 mg Extra Strong Full Spectrum Recovery Drops

Twice the size and three times the Full Spectrum CBD oil compared to the original 1000 mg Recovery Drops, the Silver Edition is an excellent tool for managing my depression and anxiety and is extremely effective at relieving soreness, aches, and pains.

Recovery Vaporizer Set

With its fast onset, vaping CBD is an excellent consumption method for immediate situational relief. Herbstrong’s vaporizer set is perfect for this, featuring a 500 mg cartridge of CBD oil and a small and stealthy battery.

Talk about discreet! I’m a big fan of Herbstrong’s stylish battery. it’s perfect for tucking away in pockets or the smallest of purses, and works when drawn on, no buttons necessary. The accompanying disposable cartridge contains a high dose of 500 mg oil which is excellent for a daily CBD user like myself.

Who Should Try Herbstrong

Herbstrong is a solid choice for those seeking the benefits of a high strength, full spectrum CBD product. With an affordable 1000 mg bottle and carrying a potent 500 mg vape cartridge, Herbstrong is well suited for those looking for deeper relief with full spectrum CBD.

Emergency service personnel and veterans should also consider Herbstrong since both are honored with an immediate good faith discount code, and lifetime discount with valid ID. Veterans and emergency personnel can use code VET15 or ER15 for an immediate 15% off in good faith.

Finally, anyone looking for more powerful CBD products for their pet should look into Herbstrong’s Strong Paws line. They are one of the few companies I have seen with high strength, 1000 and 2000 mg tinctures for pets, appropriate for larger animals who need higher amounts of CBD. I add their naturally flavored 1000 mg oil to my St. Bernard’s food and he gobbles it right up!

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