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Hippie Butler Unboxing + a Stoner Sesh!

In this post I’m unboxing a higher-end cannabis subscription box from Hippie Butler. I gotta say, it is just so convenient to receive stoner goodies in the mail, and the very fancy Masters Club box by Hippie Butler did not disappoint.

Scroll on for pictures and details of Hippie Butler’s awesome curated boxes for cannabis enthusiasts, and check out the unboxing video where I break in the gorgeous dab rig that came with my box.

Four Types of Hippie Butler Subscription Boxes

The Party Favor | $1 a month + shipping
Includes stoner basics like rolling papers, rolling tips, matches or hemp wick.

Rollers Club | $15.99 a month + free shipping
Every box includes rolling papers, hemp wraps, pre-rolled cones, lighters, and other useful accessories. Customize your box by choosing your preference for wraps, papers, or both. 

Butler Box | $32.99 a month + free shipping
Hippie Butler’s most popular box. The perfect mix of accessories for daily smokers who use a variety of methods to sesh. Includes a glass piece, rolling tray, grinder, pre rolled cones, cotton mouth candy cure for dry mouth, hemp wraps, rolling papers, lighters, hemp wick, and more. Get a concentrate themed Butler Box for an additional $7.

Masters Club | $139.99 a month + free shipping
This is the box that Hippie Butler sent me to review and is featured in this post. A large mix of useful cannabis accessories, as well as an impressive glass piece. Customize your Masters Club box by choosing your preference for flower, concentrates, or a mix. 

hippie butler masters club
From the Masters Club box

The Masters Club box had a lot of cool stuff in it, but let’s start by focusing on the glass. My box included an incredible glass piece, the Hippie Butler Concentrate Rig by Conviction Glass. Tall and beautifully crafted, this dab rig has wonderful details that are sure to impress. Check out the built-in storage space for the included dab tool!

hippie butler conviction glass
Great detail from Conviction Glass: a built in space for your dabber!

The concentrate rig came with a flower bowl, a quartz banger, a vented nail, plus a carb cab.

Another highlight from my Master Class box was this Scorch torch.

hippie butler
A handy Scorch torch so you can blaze up right when you open your box.
All small accessories from the hippie butler masters club box
All accessories from the Masters Club box (excluding the dab rig!)

All Contents of my Masters Club box:

  • Conviction Glass dab rig
  • Scorch torch
  • Rolling tray
  • Dab mat
  • Cotton Mouth candy for dry mouth
  • Grinder
  • Cookies silicon dab container
  • Quick wick
  • Lighter
  • RAW rolling papers
  • Doob Tube with cone
  • Zen bristle pipe cleaners
  • High Hemp wraps

My Hippie Butler box came with everything you’d need for a proper stoner session, minus the concentrate or flower of course. They also have a lot of useful stoner accessories in their online shop. Learn more about Hippie Butler’s subscription boxes and check out their collection of cool stoner products over at


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