On Grinding your Cannabis

Hey ya’ll! Check out today’s 5 Minute Tips topic: all about grinding + breaking apart weed. I remember, back in my teenaged-weed-use days, handling the stuff itself was something that I rarely did, it was always a job for the boys. So much so that as a clueless adult I would find myself needing to google all sorts of stupid crap:

“How to roll a joint”

“How to buy drugs” 

“How to safely buy drugs… on Craigslist” 

“How to smoke a joint without your apartment neighbors knowing”

“How to put the weed in a pipe”

So anyway, that’s what this series is all about. Answering the obvious questions. There was a time when I had no clue what a grinder was and was certain I did not need one. Really, it’s not an extravagance, a grinder is a stoner necessity. Read on for step by step instructions, and check out the five minute video below for demonstrations.

Why you Need a Grinder

1 ) A grinder chops up cannabis so that your bowls and blunts have a smoother, more even, burn.

2 ) A grinder prepares a set amount of cannabis at one time, making it a convenient way to regulate consumption.

3 ) It also conveniently prepares a LARGE amount of cannabis at a time, a godsend for serious stoners such as myself.

4 ) You don’t get sticky, resiny buildup on your fingers and nails! The grinder does all the work AND saves the kief for you.

5 ) Grinders are discreet and can help control odor.

How to Grind Weed

1 ) Open the top compartment and put nuggets of weed there. Manually break apart the bud if it’s really big or very sticky and dense.

2 ) Put the lid back on, crushing the weed in the top compartment.

3 ) With one hand on the base of the grinder and the other hand on the top, twist both pieces in opposite directions.

4 ) Open the compartment beneath the top one and delight in your fresh ground cannabis!

* I use 1/8 tsp measuring spoons as my little weed scoop for the ground up weed. Super convenient.

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