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When you Find a New Love | my new favorite bong

A few weeks ago I stupidly smacked my first bong into another bong, and ended up cracking it. Only the one thankfully, but still. My heart. It hurt.

This happens though. Stoners break their bongs and pipes and all the other delicate things we adore and use frequently. The sheer frequency of use is a large reason for the short lifespan of these utilitarian art pieces.

So when I forlornly held the broken pieces of the bong I started my YouTube channel with, I knew that the only thing that would repair my broken heart was a brand new bong.

It was a weekend, and David and I were sans kids, so off to the head shop I went! David and I chose Mile High Pipe and Tobacco that day. It’s fairly close to where we live, and we’ve bought several things there over the years. Plus, we’ve always managed to get 20% off there, which certainly helps when purchasing a bong for a couple hundred dollars.

HVY Glass
Inside Mile High Pipe and Tobacco. They have a very large selection!

HVY Glass
The final three choices. The middle piece was very attractive to me because of its wide mouthpiece.

After browsing the store for quite some time, I settled on three water pipes, all with large water reservoirs and wide mouthpieces. In the end, however, the decision really wasn’t hard to make.  At over two feet tall and heavy enough to club an intruder with, this gorgeous HVY Glass bong would not stop calling to me until I brought it home.

This beauty has immediately become my very favorite bong. I love its beautiful shape, its lovely colors, its heavy glass and thick and detailed mouthpiece.

HVY Glass
Intricate detail work on the mouthpiece.

It has taken me several weeks to get the hang of this huge bong. A normal pull produces an alarming amount of smoke, and so I have had to learn just the right amount of pulling required to get a manageable bong hit. Clearing this bong is a formidable task for me! But it’s just such a beautiful piece, I adore using it!

This pretty pink bowl was not original to the bong. It came with a much smaller bowl that in truth I didn’t particularly like. Fortunately, David broke that bowl almost immediately and replaced it with this lovely pink one. I love its large handle.

Investing in such a high quality, beautiful bong has definitely elevated my stoner sessions. And because I bought this piece and was not gifted it, I feel very attached to it and proud to possess it. I clean it regularly and display it as proudly as if it were a piece of art. That’s because it is art!


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