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I’m Back

The Membership

You may have noticed a decrease in my posting activity, followed by a sudden splurge of “members” posts. What the f is going on at!

I’ve been working on a membership here for several weeks. It is only now getting to the point of not embarrassing me. So please, don’t feel as if you are missing anything just yet. But I do promise, at some point, it’s gonna be awesome, and then you will totally be missing out!

So, what the hell is it? My Stoner Family Membership offers content exclusive to members- weekly stoner session videos, weekly vlog videos, access to our burgeoning forums and (hopefully soon!) live stoner sessions, preferably weekly.

It’s still a major work in process (obviously) but the bones are totally there! I plan on getting everything spruced up and finalized over November, so members, join us in the forums and help us build them up! I also really need help forming a habit of getting on the forums daily. Accountability is a great motivator for me so please feel free to send me emails wondering where I am, why I’m quiet, etc. It will work, I swear.

I’d like to say that I’m in my “soft launch” period because there are still kinks to be worked out and content is still sparse. But as the weeks go by that content will be added, and I plan on migrating videos from Patreon and YouTube to live on the membership rather than exist on YouTube for all eternity (those early videos, so embarrassing!).

Accepting Help, and GTD

I have managed to accept more and more of David’s time and help, and no kidding, it is really freeing up my mind in a big way. As he begins playing a major role in the business side of The Stoner Mom Empire, I find myself with more time to do the things I am really good at; making videos and writing.

There are a few things that only I can do here. Only I can make my videos. Only I can write in my own voice. So it’s important to find tasks that I can delegate out, that way I am able to be more efficient and productive with my time when I have it.

When you dive into the entrepreneur world you begin to hear many repeating refrains. One of them is that when the solo entrepreneur finally hires their first assistant, they become much more creative and productive. And that’s where I’m finding myself these days.

Recently I have dived into the GTD (getting things done) life-management strategy, and my god, it’s making a huge difference. I listen to the book on audible and spent this past weekend setting up my system and inboxes. This is the most organized I have ever felt, and for once it feels like it’s going to stay this way. As with all things, life-management is something you do best after you do a little research.


On the Home Front | The Kitchen Saga Finally Begins

Last weekend David and I brought home three huge slabs of dark butcher block- the beginnings of our new countertops. When we first bought this house I painted our cabinets black to update the vanilla, builders-special oak. Next, we’ll add the butcher block counters, brass hardware on the cabinets, a new front apron sink that’s currently living in my garage, and a new faucet that isn’t disgusting like the one we inherited from the previous owners.

For three days next week we will have a contractor in the house and a deconstructed kitchen. I have never done this before, so I’m a little unsure about this all works. It didn’t even occur to me that I wouldn’t have a working kitchen for three days until Abby mentioned it.

My Concerns

  • How will dishes get washed? Will I have a sink at all? Will my stove work?
  • How in the fuck am I going to keep Max from attacking, clawing, and jamming his snout in the crotch of the contractor all day? God, I’m totally going to have to babysit him all day long.
  • Making conversation during my precious-to-me hours of getting stoned. Like, I can’t smoke around him, what if I get him high!? I could render the dude totally unable to fix my kitchen.

Here’s what we’re doing to the kitchen:

  • dark butcher block countertops
  • white front apron sink
  • new faucet
  • white subway tile backsplash
  • new lighting
  • finishing the baseboards from when we redid the floors three years ago
  • David is building a built-in breakfast nook in the bay window

So that’s what’s going on in my life currently. Now that I’m done with the main work of getting the membership set up, I will return to my regular posting schedule! Yay! To finish off October I’ll be posting:

  • My in-depth review of the Mighty vaporizer, with pictures
  • Mom & Dad are Stoned : Tips for Stoner Parents
  • a Day in the Life : Mom’s Day Off. For real this time!

Until next time, stay safe and stay responsible my wonderful stoners!

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