Long term flower storage

Learning how to properly store your cannabis (or hemp) supply is essential for long term storage. Over time your flower can dry out and lose potency unless you take the right steps to conserve it. I am going to share some simple methods I use to store my own supply and our Happy Flower Company hemp so it remains fresh and at full potency.

Glass jars

This tried and true method works great for storing your flower. Ball brand canning jars are easily obtainable and are very affordably priced. The screw on lid type works great as does a  jar with a latch. Whatever you use just make sure it has some sort of rubber seal on the lid to make sure it keeps air out.

CVault Storage

Another very popular solution for storage are CVault containers. CVault makes a line of latchable containers with a built in humidity control solution. Many growers use these when curing because they come in a variety of sizes including pound size (My go to is the 21 liter). For long term storage I simply insert a humidity pack into the CVault, close the lid and place in a cool dry place.

Maintaining the correct humidity

Humidity levels are crucial for long term storage. Too dry and you have a crumbled dusty mess which has lost all potency and terpenes. Too wet and your flower is unsmokable and ungrindable. The best solution I have found for maintaining a perfect balance of humidity are the Integra boost 2-way humidity packs.

Our Happy Flower Company Hemp with the 55 Integra Boost humidity pack and indicator.

These packs are ideal because they add humidity to your flower when it needs it and absorbs moisture if there is too much. These packs are safe to use as they contain no salts so they can actually touch your flower with no worry of altering the taste or smell of the product. They are 99% biodegradable as well!

Each pack comes with a humidity indicator which goes in with the flower. Basically it’s a little piece of paper with a red dot on it. When the indicator changes from red to blue, it’s time to change out the pack for a new one. Choose from 55% or 62% humidity. I like the 62% for large storage containers and 55% for mason jar size.  They come in sizes ranging from 2 – 67 gram pouches so no matter how much flower you are storing, they have a size that will work for you. We use the larger sizes for 1 pound bags at happyflowercompany.com and now include integra boost humidity packs with every order.

These larger size 67 gram packs are ideal for larger storage needs.

If you plan to store your flower for long term, I highly recommend getting the proper storage solution in place. Get some humidity packs and some storage jars, seal and place in a dry cool area and your flower will remain fresh for months to come.

Got questions? Contact me directly at david@thestonermom.com. 


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  1. Illegal stoner mom

    I really like the Integra packs included with my Happy Flower. The indicator slips are my favorite feature. Good storage preserves your medicine for long term.