island sweet skunk


Island Sweet Skunk

A Canadian strain descended from Skunk #1Island Sweet Skunk

Island Sweet Skunk is a fragrant sativa with a serious energy-boosting effect. Unlike some energy rich strains, Island Sweet Skunk has a mellow, hypnotic high, pairing stress relief and pain relief in one perfect strain.


This strain has big beautiful buds. My haul was full of dense nuggets, some enormous! This is a fun one to take apart by hand! This batch had a light dusting of sticky frost and smelled more sweet than skunky. Bright orange hairs lace throughout. Pulling apart the buds reveals the sticky goodness is everywhere. The first flavor that hits the senses is it’s sweet and tropical candy hues. Then you get that stinky skunk smell that stoners learn to love. You know, that smell of good dank.

The High

Island Sweet Skunk is an amazing strain for parents. I become intensely loving, something kids are kinda built to like. I was partaking in Sweet Skunk while the girls were at school and I found myself missing them so much. I just wanted to turn on a movie and snuggle in with those sweet little kids. This is a strain for inducing compassion and positivity. Zero bad thoughts, zero paranoia. Island Sweet Skunk is known for the energy it provides, making it a fabulous wake and bake choice, especially if you’re sick (as I was this week). The high starts off right away and is almost hypnotic in the beginning. After around ten minutes the hypnosis fades and it’s clear thoughts and motivation for the rest of the high.


Island Sweet Skunk has been amazingly effective for pain in my case.  Its uplifting and energetic high also make it a great choice for depression and anxiety. With some growers able to produce Island Sweet Skunk with even higher percentages of CBD, this is a great strain to have on hand for pain. The smooth, mellow, user-friendly experience makes this strain a great sativa to offer a newbie.





Island Sweet Skunk

Island Sweet Skunk

Island Sweet SkunkIsland Sweet Skunk

Island Sweet Skunk



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