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Meet The Wand | Ispire Dabbing Wand Review

Hi friends! Today I’m reviewing The Wand by Ispire, an innovative dabbing tool that uses induction heating for clean and precise dabs. Perfect for those who are averse to a torch, the Wand will have your concentrates bubbling in no time, and with no flame. Easy to use and to bring along wherever you might dab, the Wand is a welcome addition to the concentrate world.

Read on for my thoughts on this unique new heating device, and check out the video below to see the Wand in action. Also, stay tuned for tomorrow night’s Friday Night Sesh, where I’ll be giving away a Wand to one lucky viewer!

The Wand | Induction Dabbing Device

Induction Heating

The Wand is billed as the first portable enail that uses induction heating. With induction heating, heat is produced with circulating electrical currents instead of a direct flame. Since heat is transferred via electromagnetic waves, the banger never comes into contact with any flame or fuel. For the dabber, this means a safe heating experience with precise temperature control and no hassle of an open flame.

How to Dab with The Wand

The Wand is remarkably easy to use despite its unique design. It comes with two borosilicate glass bangers as well as banger cups. The banger cups feature ferrous metal for induction heating which is completely sealed in between walls of borosilicate glass so your concentrate only touches glass. The cups fit right into the banger.

Our Bangers are made from Borosilicate Glass and use inner cups made from the same material that has ferrous metal encased in between two sealed walls of Borosilicate completely sealed away from the dabbing environment and creating absolutely clean and sealed Borosilicate Glass Banger cups.   –

To dab with The Wand, place a banger cup in a banger, and use it with any compatible dab rig. When you’re ready to dab, set the desired temperature and then hold The Wand around the banger, letting it fully surround it as it heats up. Remove The Wand once the set temperature has been reached, add concentrate to the banger, and dab as normal with the included carb cap.

What I Love About The Wand

Precise Temperature Control

The Wand allows you to dab at the perfect temperature for your specific concentrates. With The Wand, you don’t have to guess if your banger is too hot or not hot enough. You’ll get perfect dabs, at the temperature you set, every time. Many concentrate enthusiasts like myself have a preference over hot or cold dabs. I prefer colder dabs for a less harsh experience and to preserve terpenes. The Wand makes it easy to keep my temperature low and to avoid overheating my concentrates. I like to set mine anywhere from 450-480 F. The Wand has a temperature range of 450 – 800 F.

Ease of Use and Innovative Design

The Wand is really easy to use and seems like a more approachable heating method for those intimidated by using a torch. It is very user-friendly and takes the guesswork out of dabbing with an open flame. The induction heating is unique and clean, so keeping your bangers and rigs clean is a breeze.

More to Consider

The Wand is a high-performance device that uses a considerable amount of battery power, especially at higher temperatures. I mitigate this issue by dabbing at lower temperatures and have been able to enjoy full dabbing sessions this way.

The Wand induction device uses replaceable dual 18650 battery to power the super high heating efficiency with minimal combustion. Moreover, external batteries ensure extended usage for a worry-free experience. Rechargeable via USB port – fast charging, the Wand device can reach up to 5 Volts with a maximum charging current of 2 Amps.   –

I recommend charging your Wand between sessions, and investing in a second set of batteries if you are an all-day type of dabber.

Included with the Wand:

    • The Wand dabbing device and external batteries
    • Angled Banger
    • Straight Banger
    • Two Inner cups
    • Carb Cap
    • User Manual
    • Warranty Card
    • Type C Charger cable

Final Thoughts

Concentrate lovers ready to take a break from the torch have a new heating method in the Wand. Perfect for flameless, precise dabs, this method is portable, clean, and more discreet than a torch. Learn more about The Wand and shop at


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