Jack Flash Strain Review | a happy hybrid for depression and anxiety


Jack Herer x Super Skunk x Haze

Last year I discovered Jack Flash and it quickly became a new favorite way to manage my mental health. Light and fresh, and yet distinctly skunky, Jack Flash levels my depression and eases anxiety like no other strain I found in the last year. A child of heavy hitter Jack Herer, dank Super Skunk, and the anxiety-easing Haze, Jack Flash is a great strain for daytime medicating.

Characteristics of Jack Flash

Jack Flash has a pretty mild look, quite unassuming with its light green buds. It’s delicately dense, with light orange pistols and a fine dusting of trichomes. It has a bright scent, very citrusy and sweet, but with some added skunk depending on how sticky your bud is. I love its mild and approachable flavor that really shines with complexity when vaped. 

The High

Jack Flash makes me feel amazing!! The “flash” in Jack Flash refers to how immediate the onset of its effects are, and this is a great for a high-tolerance stoner like me. When this strain kicks in I feel as if a veil of depression is lifted from me. I don’t feel an overwhelming onset of euphoria, and instead notice a lack of symptoms of anxiety and depression.

After a couple tokes on a vaporizer or bong, I feel immediate peace and relaxation, with the added bonus of a gentle energy boost. While I love to use this high for extreme productivity, it also really works as an immediate mood-lifter, with a quick onset of peace, relaxation, and focus. This is an excellent strain for engineering highly productive days, especially if I’m feeling on the edge of depression or anxiety. Easing that edge with Jack Flash allows me to focus on the here and now, and that energy boost and brain buzz gives me the motivation to get things done.


Medical Effects of Jack Flash

Jack Flash can be considered a go-to strain for depression and anxiety, and over the past year I got used to storing it specifically for use in those situations only. It is so nice to start compiling a list of strains that medicate me but don’t make me overly stoned. A high functioning hybrid always has a welcome spot in my medicine cabinet.

If you’re using cannabis for physical relief, Jack Flash should be able to provide it without knocking you out and leaving  you mesmerized on the couch. Jack Flash is great for jump-starting an appetite, settling nausea, handling stress and anxiety and great for providing mild pain relief.

Jack Flash is a light and easy strain suitable for newcomers to cannabis, patients seeking daytime relief, and high tolerance stoners looking for immediate effects. If its daddy Jack Herer is a bit too heavy and sleepy for you, I recommend giving  Jack Flash a try!


The Stoner Mom is a pulled-together, WAHM, SAHM, boo-boo kissing supermom. Most would assume she is not stoned. Most would be quite wrong.

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  1. Paula Morin

    Hi, my name is Paula
    I am really new with using Marijuana for nerve pain. And depression, chronic pain, anxiety, PTSD. I was wondering if you knew what type, or strain of weed I need to help me. I’ve been smoking weed for 21/2 half years everyday. I live in CT Not yet legal, bu it will be soon. Massachusetts our neighbors and Vermont is legalizing it to if it isn’t all ready legal. I have to by it from a friend. I’m looking to find more information about different types of weed, what is out there. I’m very new with this. I enjoy smoking weed very much. I also love it with sex is totally awesome. Lol. Thank you for the article of weed and sex. It was great,and funny. I shared it with my boyfriend.
    Thank you for your time. Have a beautiful day. ♥♥ 🙂
    Paula, your new friend