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My First E-Nail | a cleaner way to dab

A proper e-nail has been on my “in a dream world” wish list for awhile, but with a family of six, it’s been difficult to justify purchasing something as specialized as an e-nail, especially since I don’t consider myself to be an advanced dabber by any means. Thankfully, Kromedome Vapes was kind enough to send their e-nail over my way, and it immediately proved its usefulness for an occasional dabber like me.

In today’s post, I’ll explain what an e-nail is, how it’s used, and how you’re stoner journey can benefit from having this remarkably user-friendly way to consume cannabis concentrates. There’s also a video if you’d like to see an e-nail in action.


What is an E-Nail?

Let’s start from the beginning. Dabbing is a popular method for consuming cannabis concentrates (you can learn more about it here), and it usually involves a dab rig (water pipe) with a nail. A nail is the part of a dab rig that gets torched and it’s also where you place your concentrate when dabbing.

An e-nail refers to an electric nail. Instead of using a torch to heat the nail, an electric nail uses electricity and doesn’t require having tanks of gas or butane onhand for torching. E-nails typically plug into power, and are capable of heating to very high temperatures, in a matter of seconds.

E-nails usually look like a metal coil attached to an insulated whip, which in turn plugs into the power unit. Once on, the e-nail can be set to a specific temperature on the power unit, and the metal coil will begin heating to that temperature.

Why Not a Torch?

Electricity is a cleaner heating method for both the environment and our health. True, torches will always come in handy for the dabber in all of us, but there are many cases that call for a cleaner heating method that doesn’t involve butane.

If you are a medical marijuana patient that consumes a lot of concentrates, an e-nail should probably be your next investment piece. This cleaner heating method allows one to medicate without unnecessary gas and is far more convenient than your standard torch. You also have greater temperature control, a must for true terpene snobs.

Kromedome Microscope & E-Nail in Pictures

The Microscope with a traditional dab set up.

Kromedome sent me their e-nail with the Microscope– a beautiful glass rig that resembles, yes, a microscope. It came with a traditional nail (see above) that can be heated with a torch.

Microscope with no attachments.
Titanium nail, not yet attached to the heating coil.

Here is the nail. The Kromedome E-Nail comes with two quartz and two titanium Highly Educated hybrid nails.

Heating up. I have my Kromedome e-nail set to 798 degrees Farenheight.


The temperature will fluctuate by a few degrees in either direction. I dab between 798-801 degrees.
The Kromedome E-Nail has a set-it-and-forget-it feature where it remembers your previous temperature and heats to it automatically.

What I Didn’t Expect

I didn’t expect to find this method of dabbing to feel so much safer, but it definitely does. Something about not having a gigantic flame makes the whole process of dabbing much less intimidating. Using an e-nail is far more discreet and quiet, and it’s a lot easier than the whole, torch it till it’s red process. The Kromedome E-Nail is mom-friendly and makes efficient medicating easy and discreet.

To check out the exact setup I have, check out Kromedome’s E-Nail Microscope Bundle.


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  2. I don’t know how you smoke so many different oils and concentrated and the bag you filled with smoke I’ve never seen that in my life!! Stick to straight weed! That was given to us by nature free of charge so make use of it and enjoy marijuana for the magic it not change the substance of it and adding chemicals!! Still I do enjoy your videos! From Sydney Australia and i have one son 2years old and smoke daily purely joints bongs strictly marijuana and I wouldn’t want it any other way!! If you say that it doesn’t get you high enough then you need to reconsider how your growing and harvesting your shit cause there is stuff here in Sydney skunky and only a few cones is enough for a couple of hours. Just my opinion girl!

    • Yo that is straight weed, in its purest form. Joints use paper, you are smoking paper, combusting. The bag filled with “smoke” is called vapor. It heats the weed usually below the combustion point making it WAY healthier than traditional lighting it on fire. Plus it actually works more effectively than burning. Research a little bit further if all you know is straight weed. This is the next generation of cannabis. It is going to be better at healing soon than most pharmaceuticals. I am also on a small dose of pharmaceutical medicine for my mental health but find that I function and live a happier, fuller life with cannabis, as does the stoner mom. Please watch more than these couple of videos before casting judgement.

  3. Anonymous

    Wheres the rest of the vid? it cut off for me…at about 9 mins. LOVE your stuff girl, keep it up you’re my only stoner mom friend. Off to run mom errands 🙂 much love!!