Certified Clean Green Organic Sunset Sherbet Strain Review

Today I’m reviewing Sunset Sherbet, a heavy-hitting hybrid known for its ultra-relaxing effects. This particular Sunset Sherbet is extra special because it comes from what many consider the best source of cannabis flower in Colorado. If you’re fortunate to live here or visit sometime in the future, I urge you to check out L’Eagle’s multiple award-winning, and Colorado’s only, certified Clean Green grow and dispensary. I’ve been enjoying their top-shelf flower and extracts in many of this year’s videos and podcasts, and in this post I wanted to go a little bit deeper into what makes L’Eagle’s cannabis so special. 

L’Eagle | Colorado’s Only Certified Organic Grow and Dispensary

A Denver icon since 2010, L’Eagle is one of the area’s first cannabis dispensaries. They’re committed to certified clean cannabis that is pesticide-free, long-cured, and rigorously tested for quality and consistency. With several awards under their belt as Denver’s best cannabis dispensary, as well as holding the designation as being the only recreational indoor grow facility in Denver to receive Clean Green Certification, there’s no denying that flower from L’Eagle is among the best the state has to offer. 

L’Eagle cultivates all of the cannabis we sell, and we have been a leader in organic best practices since opening our doors nearly a decade ago. Degreed horticulturalists and farmers, who have made careers specializing in certified organic and sustainable agriculture utilize natural pest and disease-prevention techniques, instead of toxic chemicals, produce L’Eagle’s high-quality cannabis products. This means all of our products are 100 percent synthetic pesticide-free, long-cured, and tested in-house to ensure consistency and potency.

Cultivation and Curing that Makes a Difference

L’Eagle takes great care during every step of the cultivation and curing of their flower, as well as into the production of their concentrates. In addition to using only organic and sustainable cultivation methods, L’Eagle’s adherence to curing their flower far longer than commercially standard results in a perfectly cured, clean, and pure product.

In addition to championing natural, organic, sustainable cultivation methods, L’Eagle allows all flower to cure for at least three to six months. This far surpasses the industry standard of less than a month. Long-curing allows plant matter and chlorophyll to dissipate, resulting in a cleaner and purer product. It also evens out the moisture content, enhancing taste and potency. Long-curing costs more for grow operations, but it is a vital step for L’Eagle.

Sunset Sherbet Review

GSC x Pink Panties

An eye-catching beauty of a strain known for its relaxing yet functional high. The perfect strain for an afternoon mood lift, Sunset Sherbet transitions into the evening by ushering in deep relaxation, pain relief, and euphoria.

Characteristics of Sunset Sherbet

I’ve never seen flower that looks as potent as L’Eagle’s slow-cured cannabis. Every single bud no matter the size has a more than generous sprinkling of trichomes. Sometimes they’re so covered in crystals they appear candied, and there is a stickiness and stiffness to the buds that bodes very well for the experience to come. 

Citrusy, peppery, and earthy, this delightful strain has a bright and fresh aroma that is uplifting by smell alone. It exhibits a range of colors from light green to dark purple. With bright orange pistols and that aforementioned crystal sprinkling, Sunset Sherbet is a truly beautiful flower.

It grinds up into a dense and fluffy finish that is phenomenal when smoked in a joint, bong, or vaped in a dry herb vaporizer. Be sure to use this strain with a grinder that has a kief catcher, because all those trichomes mean you’ll get a huge payoff in the kief department.

Effects of Sunset Sherbet

Sunset Sherbet is a great strain for functional relief. It’s very relaxing, but still moderate enough for some daytime use. Sunset Sherbet takes a few moments after consumption to kick in and begins by calming the mind before easing into the body, providing tension relief and relaxation. Expect a euphoric, long-lasting, mildly-sedating high, perfect for an afternoon mood lift. This is a great strain for those experiencing anxiety, as its calming qualities work well for quieting intrusive thoughts. It’s also quite euphoric, so you can expect a lot of laughter and general happiness. 

The Sunset Sherbet from L’Eagle has a THC content between 17-19.56%. I found it to be delicious and very fun, but it also makes me easily distractible. This is one of those strains that can find me lost, deep in my thoughts. Because of this, I try to use it with intention so that I don’t completely derail a day by getting too relaxed. I would not recommend this as a wake & bake strain. I prefer to enjoy it when most of my must-do tasks have been completed, and I can relax my mind while still functioning around the house. It’s a great afternoon and early evening strain that will help ease the stress from a long day.

I mostly use Sunset Sherbet recreationally, as it’s a great companion for evenings in, binge-watching and snacking. It’s also pretty great for sex, as it’s both physically and mentally relaxing without being overly sedating. Senses are enhanced, but energy isn’t sapped. Add euphoria and tension relief to the mix and you’ve got the ingredients for a satisfying night in.

One more thing of note, Sunset Sherbet makes me extremely susceptible to the munchies, so I’m always sure to have a snack in mind beforehand to help manage any post-high food guilt.

Sunset Sherbet is a highly recommended strain for those using cannabis for relaxation and pain relief. Uplifting and long-lasting, count on this sunny strain to ease your stress and get you feeling a little more optimistic.

And of course, if you’re looking for a truly rich experience, pick up your Sunset Sherbet from L’Eagle Services in Denver, so you can see these slow-cured buds in all their candied glory! I’m a believer! If you try flower from any single Denver dispensary, L’Eagle is the one to head to. 


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