Lilac Diesel Cannabis Strain Review

Sativa Dominant Hybrid 

This exciting strain bred by Ethos Genetics crosses several strains to make a brand new sativa-leaning hybrid that is perfect for functional daytime medicating. With mood-lifting and energizing effects and a deliciously complex terpene profile, Lilac Diesel is one of my favorite new strains that I’ve tried this year!

My Lilac Diesel comes from L’Eagle Denver, my absolute favorite dispensary for perfectly cured, award-winning, certified organic flower. Learn more about this amazing place in my Sunset Sherbert strain review. If you’re a local and a flower enthusiast you will love the quality of this long time Denver icon.

Characteristics of Lilac Diesel

This beautiful strain is covered in trichomes, a testament to the phenomenal grow at L’Eagle. The buds are bright green, crystal-coated, and feature plenty of deep orange pistols. These Lilac Diesel buds came in a range of sizes from small to large, all with medium density and a lot of aromas.

Crossed from Silver Lemon Haze, Forbidden Fruit,  NYC Cherry Pie, and Citral Glue, this strain exhibits a range of flavors and aromas from sweetness and fruit to diesel and earth. This complex flavor profile makes Lilac Diesel a perfect strain for vaping in a dry herb vaporizer so every individual terpene can really get a chance to shine.

Effects of Lilac Diesel

My Lilac Diesel from L’Eagle has a high THC range from 17.75 to 27.83%. Potent and quick to set in, Lilac Diesel is everything I look for in a strain. Effects can be felt within minutes, and immediately lift the mood with a release of tension and stress. Over time effects can be felt in the body, easing inflammation and pain and leaving you with an overall feeling of relaxation without sedation.

I find Lilac Diesel to be a truly motivating strain, with a noticeable uptick in my energy and talkativeness. It’s excellent for both social situations and for getting a lot of tasks crossed off of the to-do list. Lilac Diesel is also great for increasing the appetite, so if you are easily susceptible to the munchies be sure to have a snack plan before you devour all the cereal in the house.

Expect a talkative and energized high. I find this to be a very uplifting strain that is very effective for dealing with my particular brand of low-energy depression. It can quiet my unwanted intrusive thoughts, lift my spirits, and provide some much-needed perspective on life.

Lilac Diesel is an excellent strain for an effective wake and bake, and pairs beautifully with your morning coffee, tea, or something physical like a workout or walk around the block. Starting the day with a great mood and energy boost is truly motivating, and is one of my favorite uses of cannabis.

In my experience, Lilac Diesel is a pleasant sativa hybrid with very little “raciness” or paranoia. However, it is a high THC strain so those who experience anxiety when using cannabis should definitely start with low amounts before indulging in multiple huge bong rips.

Lilac Diesel is an excellent companion for many forms of work (it’s a favorite of mine when I write in the morning). It’s also a fantastic party strain, as its potency and potential for talkativeness make it fantastic for social situations.

One of the best new strains I’ve tried this year! Lilac Diesel is a highly recommended strain for those who use cannabis for managing mood and symptoms of depression. It’s also great for daytime pain management. Energizing and mood-lifting, count on this strain for a motivating wake and bake session that will have you happily dominating your to-do list. A must-try for all sativa lovers!


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