L O V E   L I S T | Game of Thrones Edition


I cannot deny that I have a deep and passionate love for HBO’s series, Game of Thrones. Because of the shows, I discovered the books, the fascinating author, and the immersive community. George RR Martin created a universe rich in history and lore, something so huge and expansive it is quite shocking for me as a 30-something that HBO thought they could take it on. But they did, oh did they. And they’ve gotten far more right than they have wrong, something the fandom is forever grateful for.

Season 7 premieres July 16th, and as always the show will take over my marriage and life and work. Our podcast, Mom & Dad are Stoned, will make it’s yearly transition to Game of Stoned, where we get very high and discuss each episode with the fervor only a true nerd can appreciate.

In preparation for July’s premiere, I have been revisiting my old favorite haunts from the fandom. For this months Love List, enjoy a peek into my favorite GOT supplemental material.



The Game of Thrones Season 7 Trailer #2 | HBO | HBO released the second trailer for the upcoming season, and fans are sobbing in anticipation. Watch the trailer above for your own spine shivers.

The 20 Most Essential Episodes of Game of Thrones | Time Magazine | According to Time, these episodes are the essentials in the series so far. Why it’s applicable: Mom & Dad are Stoned will be reviewing these twenty shows in our next two podcast episodes, and we’ll be getting very stoned while doing so.

Season 7 Trailer Discussion | History of Westeros | one of my favorite podcasts takes a full TWO HOURS to break down the trailer. Aziz and company are making waves with this heavily researched podcast. If you’re as obsessed with the history of a song and ice and fire as the stoner mom, then give the archives a listen.

Season 7 Trailer ExplainedAlt Shift X | a favorite GOT YouTuber, check out Alt Shift X for the best show analysis and explanations.

Game of Thrones Season 7 is Going to be Much, Much Longer than we ThoughtVanity Fair | Soooo, apparently episode seven will be 81 minutes long. *scream*

How they Make the World’s Most Popular Show| Time Magazine | Look at all of these beautiful people.

Light of the Seven | music by Ramin Djawadi | Hear the full song from the trailer.

RLJ – A Dragon, a Wolf, and a RoseRadio Westeros | Radio Westeros is my official favorite GOT podcast. Because it focuses on the books and is made by educated enthusiasts, I’ve learned a great deal about the book series that I have yet to officially finish reading. Every episode in the archive is excellent, but in this one, in particular, the original fan theory is examined and explained before the show ever confirmed it.


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