What is mom doing in there?

Welcome to The Stoner Mom- a lifestyle blog offering a unique parental perspective on all things marijuana.

I’m the Stoner Mom, a Colorado mama ready to hold your hand through the ever changing cannabis world. I am a photographer, wife, mom of two and the devoted stepmom to two more. My children are verifiably gifted, attending the top school in Colorado. My home is peaceful, stylish, normal. I volunteer in my children’s classrooms and assist my husband in running our businesses. I am a stay-at-home parent, I go grocery shopping every week, I menu plan, I have chore charts and I drive a minivan. Also, I smoke pot daily.

The Stoner Mom features weekly marijuana strain reviews, updates from the cannabis world, and daily posts on mothering, parenting, getting stoned and much more. I hope to showcase how marijuana can be used legally and responsibly as your typical suburban-obsessive-millennial-helicopter-parent.

Don’t know where to start? Dive head first into the Blog! You can also check out the About page for an outline of how I got from a judgmental queen bee mom to the laid back stoner mom I am today. Truth is, stoners can be super productive moms with genius kids and stable lives. Responsible use of a natural plant. Imagine that. My Weed 101 page is for the beginners and is a rundown of the basics of marijuana- the medical benefits, the difference between sativas and indicas, how pot is consumed and how to legally obtain it. My strain reviews offer insight on different weed strains and how they can impact your parenting (hint: some give you super powers).

It is my heartfelt wish that those who visit me here be entertained by my stories, enlightened by the facts, and encouraged to do their own research. Thanks so much for the visit, now roll a joint and stay for awhile.


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