Welcome to Mom and Dad are Stoned. We hope everyone is healthy and safe during this time of isolation. In this week’s episode we  update you on our own goings on during the pandemic in our new segment Corona Time. Learn some tips and tricks for conserving your stash in stoned conversations and we give our recommendation for dry herb and concentrate devices in listener letters.

In Episode 133 | Self-Sufficient Stoners

• Libation corner 2:58
• Corona Time 11:59
• Listener Letters 25:35
• Stoned Conversations 31:17
• What’s going on in Dave’s Grow?  56:22

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  1. ^I second this. I already grow some house plants in my room. Have about three grow lights for a couple of cactus’, succulents and other house plants in a section of my room. It would be cool if I could integrate 1 or 2 cannabis plants amongst the rest of them without an elaborate setup like a tent and expensive fans, lights and such. Having grown houseplants for a number of years now I have come to notice that there a lot of trying to sell a lot of fancy unnecessary stuff. In regards to cannabis I don’t see nearly as much specialty equipment for other plants, herbs and vegetables as I do weed. I get that it’s a high energy plant and we all want quality but again how complicated should a grow be for ‘personal use’? I also wonder how much of the hype around weed gear is necessary? In all areas of life and hobbies there seems to be a lot of ‘experts’, companies, and ‘professionals’ who tell you you need this and that to be successful. i.e. You can’t be a good guitarist without this guitar from this brand and this amp from this brand and these effect pedals. Then you have someone over here with an acoustic guitar and has amazing success. Or the media telling you you can’t be attractive unless you have this particular aesthetic or look. The cannabis grow community has honestly bummed me out and intimidated me from even knowing what’s even possible in regards to the cannabis plant. For something that’s supposedly down to earth in culture it’s certainly high maintenance in marketing. Done with my rant hahahaha.

  2. Can you do a series on the smallest grow possible? I’m interested in seeing the smallest footprint possible for a grow. I think one of the biggest intimidation’s for people of growing their own is how involved it seems. With other plants, herbs and vegetables there’s a plethora of resources on how to grow on your small apartment balcony or even indoors (ie. breaking the gardening rules but still having successful results). It’s hard to visualize doing this myself especially with such a small space.