Hello hello podcast listeners, this week we have our ask us anything episode of Mom and Dad are Stoned. We take the questions that you all have sent us and answer them (in our unique stoned way). We give our Corona Time update, answer a question about the smallest and easiest grow possible and check in on Dave’s Grow.

In Episode 134 | Ask Us Anything Edition

• Libation corner 2:24
• Corona Time 7:18
• Listener Letters 19:23
• Stoned Conversations 36:13
• What’s going on in Dave’s Grow?  1:10:53

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Thank you for listening to our podcast. We love your letters and feedback! Send in those questions people!! Email us at momanddadarestoned@gmail.com.



  1. Oh wow thanks guys! That was an amazing response. I don’t understand the circle jerk attitude when it comes to the grow community either. As a musician as well I see similarities in people obsessing about ‘tone’, guitar pedals, and audio gear online. I suppose every community has their version of mirroring silly archetypes. ‘As above, so below’ as they say. Big hugs to you both. I watch a couple houseplant enthusiasts on YouTube (Summer Rayne Oakes, Planterina, Betsy Begonia, and Harli G [You guys might enjoy these channels too if you’re into houseplants 😊]) and that the type of information I was looking for. Down to earth and approachable. xo

    • Oh forgot to say there’s another YouTuber by the name of ‘moodyshawty’ who started to showcase her bedroom grow. Every video in her grow series starts with a disclaimer that she’s not a professional and that it’s her second time growing weed… Her comment section is often filled with people who claim to know better than her and it’s really telling of the attitude people have towards newcomers. So again thank you for providing a safe space for people who are new to anything and everything Cannabis.