Hello glorious podcast listeners! This is a very special edition of Mom and Dad are Stoned because today our beloved Blavid goes full megalomaniac and has the entire show dedicated to himself. Why you ask? Well it’s because Blavid is having his birthday. Today in fact! So pull up a chair, grab your favorite bong and have a listen to the rumblings of an old crazy man.


In Episode 135 | Megalomaniac Dave

• Libation corner 2:52
• Corona Time 11:45
• Listener Letters 22:45
• Stoned Conversations 32:56
• What’s going on in Dave’s Grow?  1:03:33

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  1. @Natasha girl! But if we’re going to go that route I mean… I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t going to watch 😭. This is what happens during quarantine, we start being honest 👀🤐

  2. Have you guys thought of making a PornHub account or OnlyFans account? 😈😏 TheStonerParentsXXX. Not gonna lie with all sex talk lately the thought of Blavid makes me wet. I’m jelly Kathryn lol