Yay! It’s another episode of Mom and Dad are Stoned! Thank you for listening! This week we talk all about Blavid’s experience with too much RSO. We also answer a listener letter, let you know what new record we are listening to in Corona Time and check in on Dave’s grow!


In Episode 138  | Aesthetically Pleasing Stoner Gear

Show Notes

Libation Corner 2:26

  • what glass we’re using
  • what strains we’re smoking
  • what dabs we’re dabbing
  • what drinks were drinking

Corona Time 18:05

The weeks updates on stoners living through a deadly pandemic

  • how is everyone feeling? Mentally and sick-wise
  • Colorado’s coronavirus landscape
    • Kathryn went to the zoo
    • Mask and ear savers we need them!
    • We have been contemplating eating out as a couple
  • Lanai makeover hangout area. We love plants a lot
  • Girl’s bathroom project and home depot nightmare
  • Last Record we Bought: Siamese Dream surprise arrival!!!

Listener Letters 41:00

Send in your letters to momanddadarestoned@gmail.com! Share your cannabis story, ask your stoner questions, or request some good old fashioned advice from a mom and dad stoner. We’ll field your questions on cannabis, growing, cbd, relationships, parenting, us, you, whatever. We’ll look up the answers, stoned! Again, that’s momanddadarestoned@gmail.com!

I have been smoking regularly for about 8 years now, I am 30 years old. It helps my mood swings most of all, but also with depression and anxiety. My SO smoked here and there growing up, but when we started dating he hadn’t in a few years, and now we smoke every night. Last week we had the kids , the weather was horrible and kids are going through a phase – we typically wait for the kids to be asleep before we step on our back patio to smoke. But with how stressful last week was, we found ourselves stepping outside taking turns to get a quick puff. I have quite the tolerance, and SO is building his, he knows his limit to just chill out and not be like stoney baloney. Anyways, WE know that we are able to fully parent our kids and it’s so nice to hear your podcast to know, we aren’t the only ones – we aren’t bad parents because we need a little help to stay more chill through the day.

We both are naturally uptight people who hold high expectations for ourselves – we both have excellent jobs , and our family comes first. Cannabis just makes us able to actually enjoy things in life , gets us out of heads, and helps us be better people in general.

I am a new step mommy , by new, I mean a year! Any tips on being a stepmom in general?? Kids are almost 2 and 3, so little babies. We get them weekly and do not have the best relationship with the bio mom, but we all do our best for the kids sake.

I really just wanted to say , it’s nice to know that there are other fully functioning parents who can smoke and still have a successful family and work life. It makes me not feel like a bad step mom for it.

Thanks so much for your awesome letter! Send in your letters to momanddadarestoned@gmail.com

Stoned Conversations with Blavid and Kathryn 52:32

Aesthetically Pleasing Stoner Gear

What are some cannabis gear and accessories that look amazing and really set a higher standard for what stoner stuff can look like or do.

  • Empire glassworks
  • HVY Glass
  • Heir Bong
  • Session Bong
  • Summerland bong
  • Grav

Vapes and E-Rigs

  • Davinci IQ2 – out of MV1, Mighty, Firefly, Pax, DaVinci IQ2 is my fave
  • Classic volcano
  • Gpen Connect affordable alternative to High priced e-rigs like the Switch and the Peak
  • Linx Ares Honey straw


Other Gear and Accessories

Grow Equipment

  • Self contained grow box – Grobo
  • Cloudponics grow box

What’s going on in Dave’s grow? 1:18:12

🎶 🎵

The End of the Show 1:23:56

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