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Episode 140 | Stoner Binge

Libation Corner  – 1:55

  • what glass we’re using
  • what strains we’re smoking
  • what dabs we’re dabbing
  • what drinks were drinking

Listener Letters – 10:02

Send in your letters to momanddadarestoned@gmail.com! Share your cannabis story, ask your stoner questions, or request some good old fashioned advice from a mom and dad stoner. We’ll field your questions on cannabis, growing, cbd, relationships, parenting, us, you, whatever. We’ll look up the answers, stoned! Again, that’s momanddadarestoned@gmail.com!

Hey Kathryn and Blavid (hehe – clearly inviting myself into this inside joke…) I adore you guys and the show! I am a newer fan of MADAS, the stonermom.com AND happy flower company! I am currently smoking on Golden Cherry and your AC Diesel crumble as my hemp/cbd option which I love – thank you guys for the incredible impact you’ve had on not just my stoner life, but my holistic health and well-being 🙂 it means so much to share such a strong passion with others and to know there are others out there like me!

I am also a newly certified medical cannabis patient! I recently moved to a medically-legal state so everything is “official” now but I’ve been enjoying cannabis medicinally and recreationally for about 7 years – truly life changing. I wanted to thank you for sharing your personal story because it’s one that I can completely identify with. Cannabis has had a profound effect on my lifelong journey with generalized anxiety disorder and other anxiety-related conditions. I find cannabis allows me to experience a state of being where I can constructively utilize my mind’s potential and not be consumed by my overactive, obsessive, fear-based, self-critical mind! I find more creativity, appreciation for the smaller things in life and a place of no judgment – just peace, love and acceptance. It is the safest, most at home feeling I’ve ever experienced and, like you, am eager to share this secret with the world! Thank you for being a spokesperson for the rest of us while we discover ways to make an impact as well.

Now that we got through the mushy stuff, I have a few questions to contribute on topics I haven’t yet heard you discuss – (I’m still making my way through old videos) Feel free to cover as many or few as you like!

  1. I recently bought an XVAPE Aria – this is my first experience with a dry herb vaporizer and I have to say I didn’t love it – the bud tasted charred like literal charcoal, honestly I think it tastes better burned by smoking than it does in this. Everything I read and watched raved about the amazing flavor and I kind of wanted to throw up (sorry David if that triggers your ptsd from the recent ISO experience – hehehe thanks for sharing, I’m still laughing about it) – do you have any tips for maximizing your vape experience and the best temperature settings for flower vs concentrate? [Especially crumble – or how to use crumble in general :)}

Dry herb temps

Optimum Flavor350-370°F

Mind High370-390°F

Body High390-410°F


  1. Do you ever make or cook your own edibles, concentrates, anything from flower form? I have been doing this for years – my favorite is firecrackers with hazelnut spread and graham crackers, practically foolproof – but everything else is hit or miss. I just got a Magical Butter Machine for edibles but haven’t yet tried, and I recently made that tincture which I may try making into gummies – just wondering if you have ever played around with cooking with cannabis and any tips, tricks or things to avoid?

Thanks so much for your awesome letter! Send in your letters to momanddadarestoned@gmail.com

Stoned Conversations with Blavid and Kathryn – 30:22

Stoner Binging

Let’s talk about the stuff we’ve been enjoying and binging in 2020


  • Muddy buddies. A new type every week
  • Barbacoa and corn tortillas
  • Green beans and beef with rice!
  • Making fruit salad every day
  • Freezing soda for a treat, especially for kids who don’t drink soda!

Games and Activities

  • Animal Crossing cause I have a Switch now!
  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • eshing Outdoors as much as possible while the weather is good


  • Derry Girls
  • Unsolved Mysteries
  • I Know This Much is True
  • Watchmen

Movies and Music

  •  Hamilton obviously
  •  BlackPink
  • Revisit your old favorites and binge! – Smashing Pumpkins
  • Buying a record player is a great example of “binge” type activities


  • Bretman Rock for a daily smile and lots of plant porn. Also turtle.
  • Dramageddon 2020 – Karmageddon
  • Peter Monn is my favorite YouTuber

What’s going on in Dave’s grow? – 1:18:11

🎶 🎵

The End of the Show – 1:25:59

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Alright guys, that’s it for this episode!

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