MADAS 142 | What to look for when choosing flower


Show Notes

Libation Corner – 2:31

  • what glass we’re using
  • what strains we’re smoking
  • what dabs we’re dabbing
  • what drinks were drinking  (Don’t worry it’s after noon)

Listener Letters – 9:15

Send in your letters to! Share your cannabis story, ask your stoner questions, or request some good old fashioned advice from a mom and dad stoner. We’ll field your questions on cannabis, growing, cbd, relationships, parenting, us, you, whatever. We’ll look up the answers, stoned! Again, that’s!

First I’d like to say I’ve followed your podcast and before your YouTube channel for quite sometime now and you’ve shown me how to use marijuana for the healing aspect and it has helped me Soo so much. I use weed for my panic disorder as well as for my borderline personality disorder, and depression with that being said I have to smoke about 3-4 time throughout the day to really get the best medical use from weed and to believe it or not feel alive and not a walking zombie. However this has become pricer than I ever thought it would be now I’m a 22 year old waitress and I try to budget for my weed use but I just haven’t gotten it down yet. I run out too soon or wind up smoking more than I necessarily need so I wind up wasting some I think. I guess my question is do you have any tips to maximize my weed I use or to budget better for the plant I need. I also have a bit of diagnose paranoia which overall believe it or not most of the time marijuana helps this however sometimes I will get a certain strain that will make it peak do you have any suggestions for the best strain for that?

Thanks you and I can’t wait to hear Kathryn’s and Dave’s advice ❤️

  • Stick to that budget!
  • Consider buying some extras when you do have money, like pre rolls or a small amount of weed.
  • Look into places that sell shake, popcorn or trim. Learn the daily deals of your dispensary and shop accordingly. Shop around if you can.
  • Snaps, snapper bowl with cannabis
  • Try dry herb vaping, because your weed has a much longer shelf life that way
  • Buy hemp and cut your weed, especially if some strains give you paranoia
  • Consider buying CBD vape pens. These help enormously with the addicting rituals of smoking. I am obsessed with Avida cbd pens right now. Try using one of those for one of your sessions, and then pairing with a snap.
  • Keep a record of how much you’re smoking, if it’s working, and any strains that make your disorders worse.

Stoned Conversations with Blavid and Kathryn – 22:51

What to look for when choosing flower

  • Smell
  • Shape – hand trimmed vs machine trimmed
  • Are dense buds good buds?
  • Color – lighter colored weed isn’t good weed
  • Does size matter?
  • Crystals
  • Hairs (pistils)
  • Packaging – test results and bud info.
  • What about plants?

What’s going on in Dave’s grow? – 39:13

🎶 🎵

The End of the Show – 45:30

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Alright guys, that’s it for this episode!

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